Friday 14 November 2008

A perfect day out...

in London at the Country Living Christmas Fair with bloggy friends!

Today I met with Trashy (just as crazy as I'd been warned!), Wonderwoman, Lucy Locket, Moogsmum and Lucy's sister Alison (who kindly took the photo). Gifts were exchanged, there was much laughter, talk of donkeys and chickens, lunch, wine tasting and of course the odd purchase or two. I left them all still shopping because I'd had enough of them all my back was aching and I needed to get home. Just don't have the staying power! Lovely to meet you all ladies, it was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to next time! Off to pack my stuff for another class tomorrow... back next week. Have a lovely weekend... especially those of you staying in London to drink wine and meet more bloggy friends tomorrow!


  1. Oh fab! Glad you all had a fun time!

    The very very clever crafts person Sue Lowday (I bought a beautiful belt from her at the Newmarket Craft Fair on Sunday) was going to be there with her lovely belts, bags and journals.

    What did you buy Gina?


  2. How bloomin' great is that! Who would have thought all this wonderfullness would have happened for us via an electric powered box!

  3. Now I'm piecing together a who's who, because I've got to spot two of these renegades in Covent Garden tomorrow - hope they're not all chattered out (but somehow I doubt it).

    Blogger meet ups, fun times!

  4. Fantastic day - and what a lovely photo! I do believe you've had a haircut since I last saw you ...

  5. Lots of happy smiling faces! :) I hoep you're going to show us what you bought!

    Have a good class and a good weekend.

  6. Just as well you left when you did b/c it gave us loads more time to talk about you ;-)

    After just a teey-weeny bit more purchasing it was off to Loop to harrass the nice man and then a street-lit taxi ride to the train station.

  7. Wish I was there.......

    Glad you had a great time, a shame about your back, hope it's better now.

    Please post pictures of your loot.

  8. Yesterday was so much fun Gina - it was lovely to see you again!!!! We did talk about you but only to say how fab you were! I'm definitely going to have to organise a northern sewing class for you to teach!

    Lucy xxx

  9. sounds like you all had a fabulous time - you all look very happy in the photo too. How nice!


  10. Love your happy snap! And how marvellous to put a face to the elusive Ms T. Can. Even if she did remain mysterious behind the dark shades!


  11. It was so lovely to see you again Gina! Thanks for posting this too as Ali recognised us straight away in the middle of Covent Garden!!

    I'm just about recovered and am still smiling at Trashy's antics :-)


  12. what a fab time you all had, been good finding out how you all got on... I was stuck at home with poorly babes...

  13. Brilliant Gina!
    A great way to meet blogging friends.

  14. Thank you for your lovely comment on my new blog.

    I had a lovely time with you all at the Country Living Fair - what a laugh you all are.

    Thank you also for my lovely christmas fairy. My daughter has already been on your blog and found the details so I think I will be off to get some supplies for making them at the weekend with her friend.

    Hope to see you again soon

    Ally x

  15. How come Missus Moog used that word 'antics'?

  16. Hey! Missed you there...too many gorgeous things....not enough money...mustn't go next year...but I think I will...


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