Tuesday, 9 September 2008


A HUGE thank you to everyone who left me a comment on my last post. I've not got around to replying to everyone as work deadlines etc are looming and making demands on my time but you all said such lovely things that made me feel better so THANK YOU! And that got me thinking, that although I felt sad about Ben going on Sunday and I know I will miss him I didn't stay sad for long because that's not what I'm like (and of course there is the realisation that it's a lot less laundry.) On the whole I'm lucky that I'm quite an upbeat and optimistic person... probably irritatingly so! Lots of things make me happy and I never stay down for long, so when Julia sent me this tree of happiness a while ago I pondered long and hard about what "six things that make me happy" to choose.

There all the big things like my family and my home, all the good friends I have - of course all these make me happy. But it's finding pleasure in all the small things in life that makes me happy too... so these are six things from a long list.

1. Being able to walk with my dog every morning makes me happy. I don't even mind if it is wet and cold, I love getting up and starting every day with a walk.

2. At the end of a long day, there's nothing better than a hot bubbly bath, preferably with a glass of wine and a good book, to soak one's troubles away!

3. Talking of good books... books make me happy too and I love losing myself in a good novel. This is what I'm currently reading and I'm loving it... all the magic and the mystery and of course chocolate!

4. Okay - this one is really shallow but new shoes make me happy! Especially my very own lollipop shoes. Haven't worn these yet but I keep taking them out of the box just to look at them!

5. You might have guessed this one but cooking and baking make me happy, especially if it means the sharing of food with family and friends which I think is one of life's greatest pleasures. I'm home on my own today so no food to share in pictures!

6. Blogging makes me happy because I've discovered a new world of friendship and support. There are times when I wonder if it takes up too much time or is becoming too repetitive - Ali wrote a post about this recently - and sometimes I stay away for a few days, but then I read a post that makes me laugh out loud, or makes me think about something new or sometimes even cry and than I remember why I love blogging. I'm sure it will run its course as most things in life but I'm certain the friendships made will remain.

So these are just six of my favourite things - things that make me happy. Of course there are many others like getting mail (not bills and junk mail), sleeping in a freshly made bed, the smell of laundry fresh from the line, learning something new, teaching, chocolate... I could go on!

I'm probably supposed to pass this on and probably to six bloggers who make me happy but I won't! If you're reading this and have got this far (lots of words for me!) than take the tree of happiness and let us know what makes you happy!


  1. Loved your list of happy things! Those shoes are a fabulous colour - just right for Christmas parties!


  2. Lots of lovely happy things there Gina. I LOVE those shoes - absolutely gorgeous. And the little pottery bath with a couple in - that's fabulous!


  3. A fab list Gina! I think one of my "simple" happy things would have to be a real fire - probably because I'm cold and wet and just thinking how nice it would be to light the fire now - if only I wasn't going to be out for ages at school pick up time!

  4. That's a lovely list Gina. Finding happiness in the little things in life is so important :)

    I love your Lollipop Shoes - gorgeous colour!


  5. Great list Gina - lots in common with my list there and lovely snap of Barley having dog fun. Baths are such a treat sometimes aren't they?The shoes are delicious eye candy - I can see why they make you happy too!

  6. great list and i would agree with all of them and maybe add sitting by a crackling fire with a good book and a HUGE glass of wine whilst it is blowing a gale outside!


  7. Leaving me out of your top six was an obviously an oversight, but completely forgiven as I can understand that letting Ben fly your happy nest was a big ask.

    And I'll know you have come to terms with his departure when you start spending the money earned by letting his room out; hey, do you think 'Bryan' may want lodgings to go with his new job?

  8. what a lovely idea (must think of my own list). No wonder those shoes are on the list: they are dream shoes. I finished reading The Lollipop Shoes on Sunday: got utterly wrapped up in it and was sad that it had to end.

  9. Gosh, your lollipop shoes are making me happy, and they're not even here!

  10. Love the shoes Gina, why are they in the box still I would be rushing to wear them.
    Your list of Happy things is reassuring in todays busy life.

  11. I found your last post to be very beautiful.

    You have shown how easy it is to find happiness in the small things. Thank you.

  12. Gina - you are such a beautiful and positive soul. I loved reading this post.

    And agree 1oo% with these words you wrote .

    "But it's finding pleasure in all the small things in life that makes me happy too".

    I am exactly the same and reading a book in my bath with a glass of wine (or two) is one of my favorite things.

    And when I am in bed at night with one purring kitty and one snoring kitty next to me I feel most content.

    Have always said it's life's little pleasures that bring us joy.

    Love you

    Dot xx

  13. P.S Those shoes would make me very happy too!


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