Saturday 13 September 2008

A Flock of Crows

Despite your obvious enthusiasm I'm not going to be knitting a flock of sheep, however there does seem to be a flock of crows descending on the Fan My Flame household. When I first saw one of these crazy crows on Julie's blog a few weeks ago I was certain they would make a great project for our Young Embroiderers Group and as I've just taken over as leader I'm in need of a few great projects! So I set to work on a couple of samples....

First of all there was Russell....

And then his special friend Sheryl...

So today I took Russell and Sheryl along to my first meeting with the Young Embroiderers and these are the fantastic results. Not all of them are finished yet but they are all looking good.

As for Russell and Sheryl... I turned my back for two minutes and this is what happened...

A Baby Crow!

On Thursday I had a trip up to the Knitting and Stitching show at the NEC. I was a bit disappointed with the show, only a few of the really good traders were there although there were some amazing exhibitions - do check out the work of Embroiderer's Guild scholar Linda Marie Young if you get a chance - exquisite work! However I did get to meet a couple of lovely bloggers - Kayla Coo and Charlotte of Fancy Picnic. I did take photographs of the amazing brooches they were both wearing but the pictures were fuzzy and awful (operator error) so you'll just have to visit their blogs to see their lovely work.

My new module for Opus starts on Monday and several teaching commitments start next week so I might not be around a lot for a while - but I am coming up to 200 posts soon so don't go away!


  1. Hahahahaha ... Russell and Sheryl are fab - so are all the others! Crikey, can you imagine what a real live offspring from Russell and Sheryl Crowe would be like????!

    Hope all goes well with your next module and the teaching.

    Take care. x

  2. I love the crows, it has given me an idea to do something like this with my 3 year olds at school this term. If it works I send you a picture.
    Good luck with your next module.

  3. Pshaw, you will blitz these teaching/learning commitments I feel sure.

    Loving Russell and Sheryl and baby.

  4. Go away? As if!

    Good luck with the teaching.

  5. Well it didn't take Russell and Sheryl long did it!. Perhaps you should keep them apart before you become over run with the noisy things.They look great though much prettier than than the real thing. Congratulations on taking over the leadership of the young embroiders.
    I am sure they will do well if the crows are anything to go by.
    I hope you enjoy your teaching next week.

  6. Fabulous work on the murder of crows. (one of the obscure collective nouns I remember - I'm great on a trivia night!)

  7. Good luck with your new module Gina.
    Great crows!

  8. those crows are wicked and sooo different!
    good luck with your next module and hope you manage to find time to blog as well!!


  9. I laughed out loud when I got to the baby crow. (Had much the same thoughts there as Kitty). Love all of them, and what a brilliant idea. I wish I'd had a teacher like you when I was young.

    Happy new module and I look forward to your posts no matter how infrequent they become.

  10. The crows are all fabulous and I can see the Young Embs. are going to have great fun with their new tutor!

  11. Oh they are so fantastic! I wish my children were close enough to come to the Young Embroiderers with you - I asked about our local one once but it sounded a bit scary!

    Lucy x

  12. Oooh those cheeky crows! My boss has been going to retail trade shows this week and apparently those are unusually quiet too. Our biggest supplier infact, didn't even bother exhbiting .. ! However, I still wish i'd made it to the stitching show. x

  13. Russell and Sheryl (and baby) are fab. How young exactly do you need to be to join these classes? Maybe I could sneak in if I wear pigtails?

    I wish I had had the opportunity to do stuff like this when I was young. I suppose there is really no stopping me from doing stuff like this now though is there? hmm, I'm going off to do some drawing...(thanks for the inspiration)


  14. I love these crows!! Fantastic..Sheryl is adorable - how coy!

  15. I love your crows!! It looks like you're going to be having lots of fun with the Young Embroiderers.

    Russell and Sheryl :) Totally inspired!

    Good luck with the new module. I can't wait to see what gorgeous work you produce this time!


  16. I love the crows, they look great all together.

  17. What fantastic crows!...although it did take me a while to realise WHY they were called Russel and Sheryl :D

  18. What a fantastic idea for the YE. Lovely results.

  19. G'day Gina,
    Love your 'murder' of crows ... what fun but please can anyone tell me why oh why would you call a flock/group of crows a 'murder'??? OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

  20. These crows are all fabulous Gina! What a gret idea for the kids.

    I laughed out loud at Russel and Sheryl( great names for crows by the way) and their little bubba....Crow love is in the air!


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