Thursday 21 August 2008

I've caught a bug

I think I first picked it up here....

when it was a small germ of an idea.

It definitely got worse here...

and by the time I got here I knew I could resist no longer.

Not a nasty bug you understand...

but a "Rippling" bug!

There is a long way to go before this can pass as a blanket but I love the way I can pick it up and put it down. It doesn't matter if I do two stitches or two rows, I don't lose my place. And it grows so quickly. And as Jane points out there are advantages to rippling because it's the perfect excuse to eat Ripple chocolate...

Oh yes... I definitely like rippling. You could say ... I'm hooked! (sorry!)

(Note the subtle colour change due to camera battery failing and having to resort to a back up. This is probably the truer colour!)


  1. oh that looks lovely, what great colours, have never tried to crochet but might give it go now! especially if i means i can eat ripple! any excuse to eat chocolate is good in my book!

  2. Oh it's looking GOOOOOOD!!!! But I'd never heard about the chocolate eating requirement - off to remedy that forthwith!

  3. I really wish I could crochet, even more so now because I want a ripply blanky.

  4. Oo! Looks like you have casued a ripple there Missus! (Sorry I couldn't resist)

  5. Lovely seeing all the rippling going on! I can make a chain with a crochet hook and yarn. There end my crochet skills, despite me wrestling with the instructions in 'The Girls' Handbook' when I was 11.

    I have a ripple blanket BOUGHT for Miss P2 - it's gorgeous. I'm very envious of yours!

  6. The crochet looks lovely and I would like to have a go, only one problem I have a very limited knowledge of crochet. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find out how to do it be it website or book?.
    I know how to eat Ripples though.

  7. Crochet is such fun but not quite as much fun eating chocolate.You could accessorise all activities with appropriate bars..stargazing = Galaxy and Milky Way and even Mars; shopping for a new frock = twirl; bird watching = whispa; putting IKEA furniture together=kit-kat; going on a plane = aero; walking through Autumn leaves = Crunchie

  8. Your crochet is lovely, especially the colours but Jackie's recommendation of chocolate accompaniments has got me giggling! :o) What a great idea!

  9. I am so envious of this. It looks fab.

    I've been seeing these ripples around blogland and I wish I could crochet so I can join the ripple fun! I need to spend some time with my mum so she can teach me.


  10. I really love the colors! I do like to crochet, but I've never seen that pattern. I like it, looks GREAT!

    I especially love the chocolate requirement.

  11. Looks very inviting(ripple choc) i am out of practise with Crotchet apart from basic, good at eating chocolate though

  12. That is beautiful - the colours are very pretty - will it be really huge when it's finished?! Hope so - it will look gorgeous!

  13. I was a bit worried at first Gina that you were ill. But am very happy you have a different kind of bug!

    Gorgeous colors Gina and the Ripple chocolate sounds yummo (let's face it ANY chocolate sounds yummo to me he heee).

    I want a ripply blankie and so do the kitties!

  14. I have been trying and trying to resist this, but we're on the verge of buying new beds for the girls and it is going to have to be done!!! Yours is gorgeous - but watch out for melty choclate crumbs. I'm just saying ...

  15. Oh Gina - what are you doing to me?? First off I have to make felt after seeing your felting and now I've had a relapse and need to start another ripple blanket - of course what I should be doing is some more handquilting - and thanks to Monda I have to make yummy cushions too!!

    Your rippling is looking gorgeous -especially the dark brown bit in the wrapper ;)



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