Friday, 29 August 2008

And then there were more

The next installment of my dressing up box give away - leave a comment if a small member of your family (or even a large member of your family) might like one of these and it will be first come first served (and that includes my prettiest blog reader too). Again all made by me and all freshly washed!

1. Zorro Cape

This is a semi circular cape (very dashing!) with the Zorro logo appliqued on the back. Mask, hat and sword never stood the test of time - well the sword was probably confiscated! I did say they were all freshly laundered but I never mentioned ironing....

2. Dracula Cape

Like the Zorro cape (not quite semi circular but still quite sweeping) but without the logo and with a red lining. Fangs not included!

3. Bee

This is really an over sized jumper made from stripey fun fur. Once upon a time it had net wings and a balaclava with antennae but they are sadly long gone. But I'm sure this has potential! One size fits all!

This is a "Ben Bee" looking for flowers!


There are two of these. The one above has stencilled moons and stars and the one modelled below has appliqued decorations which are starting to fall off and look a bit tired if I'm being honest. But in the right hands that could be fixed! Both come with battered wizard hats.

5. Daredevil
Had you fooled there...
Okay... I didn't quite manage the skin tight PVC effect modelled by Ben Affleck but Jacob rather liked his Daredevil costume!

And I was rather pleased with the mask which is now a bit tight on Jacob but he very gamely modelled!

This will probably fit a 7-8 year old or bigger but the arms and legs could be easily shortened.
And that's all folks... well it's not actually but it's the end of the giveaway because I can see this getting a bit tedious for all concerned!


  1. More brilliant costumes Gina!!! But I'm not going to claim any today as I wouldn't want to upset your prettiest reader!

    Lucy xxx

  2. P.S. the postie has literally just arrived with Fred's froggy costume - he's already hopping around and has just gone to try it on! Thank you!!!

  3. oh i wish i had a little person to put in the bee costume, ssooooo cute! quite liking the ben affleck one - can i have him too?


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  5. oh oh oh - I would love that bee!

  6. Prettiest reader rising above it all and refusing to comment Locket!

  7. What an impressive number of costumes! You were obviously very busy over the years. Very impressed with the Ben Affleck!

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  9. Don't ditch the bee suit - what else will you wear to your graduation ball??!

  10. Lovely costumes Gina. Reminds me how much I enjoyed making them when my sons were small and I was also teaching infants. i must try and find some photos!

  11. I've been away for a couple of days so I'm probably a bit too late to catch the bee. My nephew would love this if it is still buzzing around...


  12. What a fun post Gina! I love Ben in the bee costume...very cute :)

  13. Errr - I'm way behind on reading blogs and imagined I'd have no chance to bag another of your fab costumes...but if no-one has nabbed Daredevil, I do know a little chap who would happily rehome it for you........if I can get him to remove his fab BFG waistcoat that is!!!



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