Friday, 2 November 2007

Village Life

Not much "crafty" activity going on here over the past couple of days... although I have been sneakily pinching the left over Halloween chocolate so I suppose that's pretty crafty? However I have been doing loads of drawing and some baking...

One of the many wonderful things about village life is the huge range of activities that take place. We have a population over just a little over 1000 but we have a church and a primary school, playgroup and toddler group, Cubs and Brownies, a tennis club, a bowls club, a football club and cricket club, an active Amateur Dramatic Society (of which I'm a member... now you didn't know that did you!!!) and numerous other charity groups and evening activities. So this week was the monthly meeting of the over 60s (Ha! I can be a member in ten years time) and it was my turn on the rota to bake "A cake to be cut into twelve pieces"... so this was it... a coconut and cherry cake. My Grandad used to make a cake like this when we were little which was called "Tottenham cake". Not sure why except he used to live in Tottenham... but I digress!

There was some left over mixture so we got some cherry buns... bonus! The other lovely thing about our village is the wonderful Conservation Area and woods which are directly behind our house. Many years ago I used to live in Massachusetts where at this time of year the Fall foliage is stunning, but I think our local view is equally beautiful. The sun was so bright today the colours look muted in the photograph but they were the most beautiful rich reds, oranges and yellows.

And to prove it... a close up of the leaves on the cherry trees. Hope you all have a lovely weekend... I'm off to London tommorow for the Opus Milleneum lecture by Gavin Fry.


  1. Yummy post Gina and such lovely colours in the foliage. You are a dark horse! Amateur dramatics, eh? Do you act or are you behind the scenes? Enjoy your weekend and the lecture :o) x

  2. I wish I went to your local Over 60s so I could have some of that delish cake Gina! Have a good weekend. Lucy x

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  4. What a wonderful way for us to consume some calories without gaining a pound.

  5. Great trees. And the cakes look nice too!


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