Friday 16 November 2007


It was the most glorious frosty morning today where everything looked as though it had been dipped in icing sugar! Clean dog weather... but boy, was it cold! But so beautiful.

To combat my blue mood of yesterday I've indulged in a frenzy of activity for the craft fair tomorrow and have completed yet another sock creature... Syd Splatt. Not sure about his forked toes! Look a bit crab like... or worse still, a scorpion!

I've made a whole basket of lavender bags,

completed a machine embroidered pendant to go with some others I had in stock,

and finished off a book jacket that I'd been commissioned to make as a Christmas present. All this whilst listening to the Music Marathon on radio 2 for Children in Need. I phoned in with a pledge but they didn't read out my message... unless it was whilst I was walking the dog. Probably donated my entire profit from tomorrow but it's a good cause. And as a result I'm feeling much chirpier today!

News from the Boys in Brazil... arrived safely!


  1. So much loveliness there today!! Wasn't that a great frost?
    I totally love Syd Splatt and know someone else who would too so if he doesn't sell let me know 'cos I'll buy him!
    I really hope you do well tomorrow and sell lots xxxxx

  2. syd splatt is so awesome! looks like my sock guys have a cousin.

  3. love the book jacket colours, just heard on the forecast that it may snow tomorrow- here comes winter!

  4. Nice photos Gina. I agree with Sue the colours of the book jacket are lovely.Just what you need to make you feel cheerful in this cold weather.It was nice to see you today. Did you manage to find good homes for all your sock puppets?

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  6. Syd Splatt is gorgeous - and I love his forked toes!! The jacket cover is stunning Gina. Such beautiful colors.

    Am sure you will sell lots at the fair.Very glad you are feeling better today.
    I have cut out the fabric for your doll and have almost finished your angel Dotee!

  7. P.S So glad that the boys arrived safely.

  8. I'm glad the boys are in Brazil! The book cover is beautiful - my favourite colours. I hear the fair went well. Congratulations, you deserved it after all your hard work.

  9. Great to hear the boys arrived safely! Thanks for your kind words about my rubbish craft night! Lucy x

  10. wonderful book cover and lavendar hearts! ...and... a mother hold their children's hand a while and their hearts forever!


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