Tuesday, 4 September 2007

More ATCs

I finished another ATC last night - while I watched TV! I can never just sit and watch TV programmes and always need something to do with my hands - so usually I knit but last night I tried some hand stitching. Only sorbello stitch with a blanket stitch edging. ATCs seem a good size for trying out hand stitching as I'm not very fast. I worked it on the background of embellished yarn that I made on Sunday.

Then after I finished lots of lesson plans and notes on the computer today, I had time for a bit of machine stitching and I made this one - using the same background fabric.

I was interested to see how all three turned out so different, when they all started out with the same felted background. The embellished felt makes a lovely surface on which to stitch as it is soft but quite firm.

I would like to work on my Lutradur and lace sample now but the family want their dinner... how unreasonable!


  1. Beautiful, Gina! They are so different as you say. I love the colour combinations.

  2. Hi Gina,
    I'd love to trade with you! Your work is beautiful! I'm in an ATC making mood right now so I might have some more up for trade soon.
    I can't seem to figure out your e-mail though.

  3. Gina these are some of the most beautiful ATCs I've ever seen. Such gorgeous colors!

  4. Well of all the nerve, can't believe your family would want to eat. LOL! Love these ATCs..such beautiful colors and design.

  5. I just love these colours (some of my favourites too) and such beautiful things on your blog!

  6. These ATC's are beautiful. I love the kind of work you are doing. Your lutradur and lace pieces look great.


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