Monday 30 July 2007

Farewells and sequins

This morning we said goodbye to Sam who is staying in Epsom for the next couple of months. Since leaving university he has been trying to establish himself as a writer and in September he will be appearing in a "play wot he wrote" at the Epsom playhouse. Together with a fellow drama student, Adam, he has set up a theatre company and this will be their first professional production. More infomation can be found here. If you live in or near Epsom please go and see them! Have a brilliant time Sam and Adam!

I have been preparing for next week when I am away teaching at Missenden Abbey Summer School - packing materials and making sure I have enough samples of work (while I've still got time to make some more!) One of the techniques we will be doing are little bags like this one.

Which is also the same technique I have used on these cushions. A bit of sparkly fun! So this afternoon has largely been spent sorting out sequins - believe me, it is false economy to buy a bumper jar of multi-coloured sequins when all you want to use are the red and gold ones!

Oh... nearly forgot... I finished the mouse too!

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