Thursday 19 November 2020

Pastures New

Thank you for your lovely comments and concern about my head (last post). I've not moved very far from the sofa all week and I'm going a little stir crazy as I still have vertigo, but today the giddiness might just be down to some excitement round these parts!

Anyone who receives my newsletters will have picked my hints that there was an exciting new project I've been working on. And of course if you receive my newsletters you'll already know why I'm excited. It's something that has been on the back burner for a while since the summer when my friend, Isobel Moore and I, first had the same crazy idea. I had just about come to the end of Open Windows and I was wondering what I could launch myself into next, musing over ideas whilst walking the dog. (I know, before anyone else tells me, I should be paying attention when walking the dog as with my track record, the only place I'm likely to launch is in the bushes).

Various crazy ideas popped into my head but one wouldn't go away, so I sent Izzy a message asking had she ever thought about doing a podcast and she responded instantly with a resounding "YES!" (I believe there was some screaming and splurting of coffee too but don't hold me to that!) It turned out that she had been thinking the exact same thing and what is more she also thought it would be fun for us to do it together! We are now ready to let the world (or my limited readership) know what we have been up to, so you might want to see a little taster...

Izzy & Gina... in Stitches

Isobel and I have known each other for about ten years. We are similar in many ways: we both took our City & Guilds Diploma in machine embroidery at Missenden Abbey with the same tutor, albeit at different times, we're at exactly the same stage in taking our teaching online, and we are both dog owners - but our backgrounds, interests and personalities are definitely different! Hopefully this will allow for some lively discussions and debates on the pros and cons of being a textile artist, teaching and running a creative business…  but our main aim is to have FUN!

We'd both be absolutely thrilled if you would join us on this adventure. You can find our new podcast here, with links how to listen on the usual podcast platforms (if we’ve done it right - this is a very steep learning curve for both of us!) We're aiming to release an episode every other week, with the first one a week from today on Thursday 26th. We finished recording our first episode this morning and it was absolutely nerve wracking even though we were only chatting to each other, but we did laugh... and it was fun for us, at least.

I'd love you to leave me a comment to tell us what you think of our mad, crazy idea, and especially if you have any questions you would like us to discuss or if there's anything you'd like us to talk about! It's terrifying and exciting in equal measure - neither of us has done anything remotely like this before - so be gentle with us! And wish us luck.


  1. That's super cool Gina. I love a podcast or two, I really do. I'll add yours to my list. I was recently a guest on a podcast myself, so much fun. Good luck with the recording x

  2. How exciting. I love a podcast too, love the trailer, look forward to hearing more.

  3. You both sound very relaxed and natural on this recording, and it does sound fun. Looking forward to more!

  4. Good luck ...I'm sure you will be wonderful! :)

  5. You look so cute and full of energy in your photo. I clicked on the podcast but see I have to get an account at spotify, etc. Have fun with doing the podcasts.

  6. How exciting, well done you, and I hope you enjoy making it, I shall listen along. Sorry you're still not back to yourself, I hope it's all better very soon. CJ xx

  7. Hi not related to this post but one back in 2012. You made a bread pudding. Did you ever get your mums recipe ? I’d love to try that.

  8. What a great idea! I will be tuning in ..


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