Tuesday 30 April 2019

Welcome to my World

I was going to ask did you have a good Easter weekend... ask what you got up to. But that was this time last week and there appears to have been a time warp. But that's what my life is like at the moment and the weeks are flying by. Of course if I stop and think I know exactly what I have been up to... there's been a printing workshop to teach in Hertfordshire and then a rag rugging workshop in Leicester. I took my Mum to her painting class as driving any distance has started to be problematic for her, and I had a stall at a craft fair, so that's four days gone already.

But for the purposes of this little space I'm still back there in the Easter weekend before all those things happened!

Our Easter break was quiet... a chance to get on with more clearing out and packing, although that didn't really happen. The week before I had spent a day doing mosaic with my friend Terry, making this dish. So I finished it and grouted it and it became the perfect dish for holding chocolate. No Easter Bunny in this house... we have an Easter dragonfly!

I also finished off my furniture restoration projects. An old yellowing pine chest had been given a first coat of paint several weeks earlier and had been sitting there reminding me it was unfinished every time I walked past. It got its second coat, a wax and rub down and then on a whim I added some stencilling as we had been given the stencil as a Christmas gift.

It is destined to hold all my spare knitting yarn but that's a joke... I have given away at least ten carrier bags of yarn and I still have three boxes full. So let's rephrase.... this will hold some of my knitting yarn stash.

While I was about it I also finished off another kitchen chair.

So now I have a pair. I think it might be some time before they become a full set but that's the plan. Except when guests arrived on Monday no-one wanted to sit on them in fear of spoiling them. But no point having nice things if they are not used... I ordered that bums were put on seats!

On the last day of the holiday the family descended... in dribs and drabs all day... popping in, popping out, some staying hours, others making only a brief visit. Of course it was lovely to see them all and there was plenty of food on the go, including chocolate baking too! Who doesn't like a mini egg brownie?

So that was our weekend, busy in a nice way. Since then there has been some progress with the house situation and it looks as though we won't have to rent after all. That's all I'm saying for now, but the clearing and packing continues. I have also joined a little singing group. Believe me, I am no singer but this is an informal group of friends meeting to sing together once a month... because I need another hobby/interest in my life! Jesting aside, it's a great stress relief to sing for an hour or so and I thoroughly enjoyed our first meeting. I'm also taking  part in a free online sketchbook course called Sketchbook Revival, over two weeks. It's pretty intense with two videos a day from a variety of different artists but I'm picking and choosing what I want to do and somehow fitting it in by neglecting the housework. The dust will still be there in two weeks time. If I find another spare half hour or so I might even write about it here!

So how was your Easter weekend? Good I hope.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the dust if you are moving soon. Fingers crossed! I like the sound of your Easter weekend. I like it when visitors come in dribs and drabs, it makes for a relaxed gathering I think. I just like having company. Love your chairs and I agree with you, beautiful things should be used. The chest looks really nice, too. Wooly is quite squishy, you'll be surprised how much fits in it! Have a good week xx

  2. You sound as busy as ever. The mosaic is beautiful as is the wooden chest. A whole set of those chairs will be a delight and I am drooling at the thought of a piece of that choc. brownie!

  3. I think we have reached that time of the year where housework of any sort takes a back seat Gina. I either seem to baking, crafting or out in the gardening oh and that other thing called work. I now blame the dust and the cobwebs on the fact we live at the end of a dirt track opposite an equestrian centre that has horse boxes tooing and froeing all day. Well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it. Hope the move keeps heading in the right direction for you and you will soon be settled in your new place with all your lovely things around you once more instead of in packing cases.


  4. Always love admiring all your creative projects. Seat cushions are wonderful and I love your wool chest. B x

  5. Busy as always Gina!! Totally know what you mean about the knitting stash!!! :)

  6. Definitely leave the dusting (I do!). As someone once said, if you leave it long enough, it doesn't actually get any worse (or words to that effect). Your stencilling looks fab. Reminds me of the time I stencilled everything here. Even the kids! The new house situation sounds very promising. Fingers crossed for you.

  7. It will happen all in good time when it’s ready to so finish the fun things and forget the dust.

  8. Never a dull moment around here Gina! Your chest and chairs are beautiful -- as is your dragonfly!!!

  9. Sounds like a great Easter weekend Gina ...and fingers crossed for the house x

  10. I visited the excellent Hot Numbers café at the weekend and saw your terrific wall hanging. It looks so striking high above the countertop. I can't imagine how many sewing needles you went through to join those sacks! Great work.

  11. The joy of completing projects. I do hope I get the chance sometime soon. It sounds like you had the perfect Easter weekend anyway.

    I seem to be having the same issues of replying to blog comments that you do, so sorry about that but thanks for the comment anyway. In fact I have even had issues putting comments on your blog, so very strange. So I am trying again using Firefox to see if that works

    1. Obviously that worked, but not helpful

  12. Gosh Gina, where do you find the energy to keep going at that pace? You Easter activities sound like lots of fun though. The mosaic looks great and I love the chairs - I know what you mean about not sitting on them. There is no point in having them if no one will use them. Fingers crossed for the house purchase to happen. Glad you can destress with singing. Cheers XXX

  13. Your guests have my sympathy ... I'll sit over here and admire the new seats instead!


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