Friday 1 March 2019

Since Last Time...

Yet again it seems a long time between blog posts but I'm not sure it matters much anymore... is anyone really interested in the minutae of my life? But should you be the least bit curious a summary of what has been happening in these parts...

  • More decluttering - despite the divided opinions on the Konmarie method of decluttering I am continuing bit by bit. I don't see it as a ruthless throwing away reducing myself to a minimalist lifestyle but more of an honest appraisal of what really is necessary or "brings joy", which let's face it is not a million miles away from the William Morris adage of "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful nor believe to be beautiful". William Morris was there way before Marie Kondo! The plastic shoebox contains my boys' first shoes... and little red wellies. Not in the least bit necessary or useful but they bring me joy when I see them so they are staying. However, the piles of card making supplies that hadn't been touched in years were re homed. The tidy cupboards bring me great joy!

  • Listing things on Ebay - I was going to throw out my old Blue Peter annuals discovered lurking at the back of a cupboard - why on earth have they been kept?  But when I put a picture on Facebook there was an outcry of " don't throw them, sell them". So I have listed three of them on Ebay to see what happens... so far nothing... not so much as a starting bid! So they will no doubt be thrown away after all!
  • I've been Pantomiming - if there is such a word! I wasn't acting in our local AmDram Pantomime, Beauty and the Beast this year but I have done a supporting role as producer/business manager as well as helping out with costume. It has been very time consuming but lots of fun... friendships are always made and cemented!
  • Painting - Those grey brick walls were my doing!
  • Reminiscing - the young girl playing Principle Boy (centre of the photo) was wearing an outfit I made for me to wear about 23 years ago when I was playing a Principle Boy! The outfit was actually older than her! Talk about making me feel ancient *sigh* where do the years go?
  • Editing - our village newsletter. Just one more edition to go before we move and I no longer live in the village so no longer will be an editor!
  • Baking - Coconut Dream bars from a Hummingbird Bakery recipe. I have made them at the cafe before but never at home until this week. I now know why they are called dream bars... boy are they good! Chewy, sweet, coconutty and hard to stop at one!
  • Teaching - rag rugging to two large groups of adult learners in Luton. There were language difficulties to be overcome but we crossed those cultural barriers and had lots of fun as the learners made rag rug corsages. It was a wonderful example of how creativity can be such a great boost to self esteem and mental well being.
  • Visiting - I've had a twenty four hour trip to Dorset with my Mum to visit her sister who is very poorly, but despite the underlying sadness there has been much laughter too and as a bonus we got to visit the beautiful Wimbourne Minster. The ceiling of the central transept was stunning.
  • Sewing... on buttons. I finished knitting this cardigan (yarn and pattern from Eden Cottage Yarns) ages ago but couldn't face sewing on fourteen buttons... I know lazy! But I thought I might like to wear it tomorrow so I have finally put the buttons on. I was going to use the mother of pearl but ended up putting on the glittery black ones. I like the contrast.
So that's what I've been up to... have you done anything interesting?


  1. Haha, nothing like an annual to pin point your age group (we're of the same era Gina), your reminiscing made me smile too! :)

  2. Despite the move you seem as busy as ever. Those coconut dream bars look delicious and I love the ceiling at Wimborne. I’m a William Morris believer too when it comes to possessions. Good luck with the move. B x

  3. Your life is far more interesting than mine, probably because I am just over 20 years older than you! That is not to say that I don't enjoy my life - I just don't have the energy to accomplish half that you do, and so well.
    I remember admiring that stunning Abbey ceiling on holiday some years back.
    How those ladies must have enjoyed your class, despite the language problems.
    I like your tidy cupboards. Mine were like that when I moved into my flat 18months ago. Sadly, the 'old' me is creeping back!

  4. My mother taught me that useful or beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing the new house, and snippets of your new life.

    Your rag rug class looks like kindness personified. What a happy way to step over language barriers!

  5. I definitely need to get going and start tidying up. I got an academic paper finished today ready for perusal by my supervisors. Now just a PhD thesis to write and then ...... more papers to read :D Will I ever find time for some real craftwork? I hope so. I enjoy reading your blog by the way, it is one of the few I still follow.

  6. I think the minutiae of your life are far more interesting than those of mine! I must look out for the box of baby things I put away from my two older ones, sure to give me happiness. I'd love to do work with adult learners (not those that can pay £15,000 for "my" postgraduate programme). My friend Laura runs all sorts of workshops at her school for the mums. They are mostly recent arrivals in Glasgow, or very isolated otherwise. Happy decluttering.... been sorting through clothes drawers myself but only half-hearted. x

  7. Phew, as usual I am worn out by all that you acomplish.

    I acheived a 'first' this week - I made Panna Cotta! It was quite a hit with my OH and his daughter so I might just have another go soon. Enjoy what is left of the weekend. xx

  8. I think I'm more William Morris than Marie Kondo as well. I have the book, and I keep meaning to read it and implement, but, well, no time etc. etc. But I do love clean space. We'll see. The coconut bars sound divine. I have one of the Hummingbird Bakery cookbooks, I'll have to have a look and see if I've got that recipe. CJ xx

  9. Oh boy, you certainly manage to get through a lot in a week! I feel exhausted reading. I had never heard of Marie Kondo before so I must google her. I often look at all the clutter? lovely nick nacks and ornaments in our house and wonder what will happen to them when we go - and all thee silver and crystal and the beautiful old polished timber furniture. None of our young ones want any of that, but I can't bring myself to declutter while we are not planning to move - they all make me feel happy and I have lovely memories of the friends who gave them to us (many of whom are no longer with us). Good luck with your decluttering Gina XX

  10. Well done, Gina, on all you have achieved. I am always interested in what you write and make. Glad the trip to Dorset brought joy to your Mum and Aunt and that you had a chance to visit Wimborne. William Morris every time for me although I have stuck with rolling my undies and tshirts since I read MK’s book.

  11. Gina, I have just finished knitting a possum/merino beanie for my grand daughter, am well on the way to finishing a sampler which I only started in 2008!, have a knitted jacket for moi well on the way for winter which will hit in 3 months time, went to Auckland Embroiderers' Guild on Saturday morning, and a 20th birthday for our op shop i the afternoon(charity shop to you), attended a function at our church on Friday night, for which I made a pile of sweetcorn fritters, topped with cream cheese and a yummy Barker's apricot and capsicum chutney, looked after a friends' kids after school today - and still feel exhausted when I read of all the things you pack into your life!

  12. You've been busy, as always Gina. And in the middle of it all -- getting ready for a move! Nothing happ'nin here -- been a slow winter LOL!!!


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