Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Working Away

Working away and travelling for work is not always as exciting and glamorous as it might sound but I quite enjoy going off to different places to teach, especially when I get a chance to explore and learn more about my surroundings. It would have been easy to have written off my recent trip around the M25, knowing I was staying in a Premier Inn located literally yards away from the M20 near Maidstone.

But after depositing my bags on Thusday evening, I went out for a wander in the opposite direction to the motorway and strolled along the River Medway. It was a beautiful evening and surprisingly peaceful with just boats, walkers and wildlife.

I made an unexpected discovery and spied this castle on the opposite bank

Back at the hotel I was spotted by one of the ladies on my course who just happened to recognise me (the trappings of fame you know!) who asked if I wanted to join her and her sister for dinner and so I spent a very enjoyable evening in their company.

Up early the next day we headed a few miles up the road to Aylesford Priory, a beautiful and fascinating venue, still a working Carmelite priory and shrine, where our two day workshop was being held. The room was well lit and cosy, the lunches were good, there was time for a wander around the grounds and a visit to the pottery. The twelve ladies on my course worked hard on their textured landscapes producing these wonderful pieces of work. They are all yet to be finished off but they will have some lovely results when they are done.

And as usual when I teach a workshop, I worked on my own picture alongside those in class so I could demonstrate each technique as we progressed and I finished up with a rather unseasonal autumn landscape.

So although I've been away working it was in many ways not like work at all and the break from the routine at home was welcome. A change is as good as a rest as they say. Although it was still good to be back home with a glass of wine by the fire on Saturday evening!


  1. Sounds like you had a great adventure Gina and so nice that you found such good company, but I know what you mean there is nothing nicer than to be back home a glass of wine and a fire.

    1. I like to try and make the best of things wherever I am... and I'm often pleasantly surprised. But it's always good to get home too!

  2. You have the nicest venues to teach your workshops! Seeing that castle is just wonderful as we don't have castles here ;) Beautiful scenery.

  3. Lovely photos Jo - and that looks like my sort of workshop! Lovely work. xxx

  4. So that should have said Gina of course!

  5. A lovely weekend altogether! Glad you enjoyed it x

  6. I love the look of trees in winter, even though I can't wait for the leaves to appear! You never know what treasures await you if you don't do a bit of exploring.
    Your students' landscapes are all so individual and a delight to see.
    Glad your weekend was so rewarding in all sorts of ways.

  7. Sounds a lovely little trip...beautiful work as always! :)

  8. Very nice! I love it when travel and work takes you to some lovely places and I've been to a few like Florence and the Austrian Alps to name two. Maybe one day you should organise a trip over to us and bring a few ladies with you on a course, then you could see a bit of Latvia too :D

  9. Some of those landscapes you could step into, and walk down the lane, then up to the ridge to enjoy a fine prospect.

  10. Sounds like a beautiful venue and what lovely works of art were produced by your class.


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