Monday 29 August 2016

A Bank Holiday Monday

I woke up this morning feeling right down in the doldrums. Nothing in particular wrong just a general feeling of being fed up and not really feeling like facing the day ahead. But I dragged my aching bones out of bed, pulled on some clothes and headed out with the dog... and already felt better. In the years between having a dog I'd almost forgotten how uplifting it can be getting out for a walk first thing in the morning... especially when the sun is shining.

After breakfast we tackled the housework between us... not terribly exciting... except for when I realised I'd polished all the woodwork with spray starch. In my defense the starch and the polish both have red lids and live in the same cupboard, and it seems to have worked just as well as the polish! So it may not have been a very exciting job but satisfying when it was done.

The day was still young so we decided to head off to a local Chilli festival held in the gardens of Benington Lordship. This annual event has been held for about ten years or so now but we'd never been before. It was a lovely setting, busy but didn't feel too crowded and felt very laid back and low key. There were loads of stalls selling all sorts of chilli related products ranging  from oils, sauces, and olives etc to chocolate and even cakes.

There were plenty of different chilli plants for sale and lots of delicious "Street Food" available for lunch. We had a couple of  excellent mushroom burgers... Stewart had his with hot chilli sauce but I had mine plain! And then he had to try the craft beer...

I gave that a miss and sampled the ice cream instead. We both decided to give the chilli eating competition a miss!

When we got home I went for a walk to collect damsons which are plentiful in the hedgerows near us at the moment. These will be turned into jams and jellies this week.

We then managed an hour of gardening between us and got the patio cleared of weeds before I made us a curry supper using one of our purchases from the festival... a not too hot Burmese sauce.

Butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots and lentils worked a treat!

And I'm now relaxing with my feet up, finishing off a glass of wine and thinking it was a pretty good day after all. Which just goes to show it's worth hauling those aching bones out of bed... even when it feels like a bit of an effort!

I hope you've had a good Bank holiday Monday too. Or if you're not in a part of the world where today was a day off... I hope it was a good Monday!


  1. It sounds like a lovely day and much better than wrestling with brambles as I have been doing. Oh my sore arms!!
    Hector is growing so fast..

  2. Gina, I like the way that you described this day, how it evolved in ways that weren't completely clear when you woke up.

    I do keep a sort of weekly list for myself, of chores, or projects, and grocery needs, and events I'd like to attend, friends to catch up with, special sales at various shops, ...all sorts of notes to myself. It really doesn't make much difference when or if most of what on my list happens or is taken care of or whatever, it's mainly just a way for me not to miss something ...and discover that miss during the following week after time has moved on.


  3. Sounds like a very enjoyable and productive BH Monday. That curry looks delicious. And Hector is a beaut!

  4. I know exactly what you mean,some days you just have to force yourself but its good when they turn out good!!
    Curry looks amazing!! :)
    V x

  5. There are days when the only thing to do is to give yourself a push start. Glad your day improved. What a lovely setting for the Chilli festival and those damsons look good too. Your curry looks delicious.

  6. I'm glad your day turned out great. Every Monday I look after my twin granddaughters who will be two next month. They are so good and so hilarious. Any time spent with them is a good time.

  7. We have a chilli farm near us and our son-in-law loves to try different ones so every Christmas we give a mini hamper gift of different relishes and chutneys he can try. I like the sound of the craft beer .Hector looks a real sweetie.

  8. Sounds like you did a lot despite your groggy start! I find I can feel wretched when I get up but walking the dog always makes me feel a bit more human. Love the idea of a chilli festival :)

  9. It does sound like a productive and nice Bank holiday Monday. Dogs are fantastic for lifting spirits. x

  10. Hector is growing so quickly! I'm glad your day turned out well after all. The damsons look delicious.

  11. Going for that walk really seemed to energise you! Glad your day turned out well.

  12. Getting out early in the morning does it for me too ... I'm never one for lazing in bed. Sounds like you made the most of your holiday Monday. Here we have "Ribfest", but the thought of eating messy BBQ'd ribs in a park always kind of turns me off and we've never been. Maybe there's more to it (like the Chili festival) than I realize.

  13. I had a day of total grumps too so I started a new knitting project, that worked.

    I love the idea of chillies but they don't love me so I just have to enjoy the way they look.

    No Damson gin?


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