Saturday 14 May 2016

Ch... Ch... Changes!

How do you feel about change... do you embrace it or shy away? I'd say that most often I like change, I enjoy trying new things and relish new experiences but in reality that probably only applies to the little things in life, the low risk stuff. I'll always try new dishes in restaurants (unlike my lovely husband who always chooses the same food... so much so, I could probably pick what he would order from almost any menu!), I like to visit new places on holiday and I'm alway willing to try new experiences. But the big changes in life, the ones that take a leap of faith... I'm not so brave then! 

Sometimes changes happen due to circumstances and breaking my ankle has certainly imposed changes on my routine and lifestyle over the past  few weeks. I thought the enforced rest period and general slowing down would mean a lot more time for reading, blog writing, and getting my website sorted out... none of which has really happened because I've not had the energy. I've not even looked at my website, I seem to be blogging less than ever and although I'm reading, it's no more than usual... and that is because everything else takes twice as long as usual! By the time I've got up, showered, dressed, tackled the stairs and had my breakfast I'm half way through the morning!

But I have enjoyed the books I've read over the past few weeks. I finished A God in Ruins which I absolutely loved and have added the companion book Life after Life to my wish list. It cover the events in the life of Teddy, a would be poet, RAF fighter, son, brother, husband, father and grandfather, told with much humour. It does contain some fairly traumatic scenes from his life as a fighter pilot but it was one of those books I didn't want to put down but didn't want to finish either.

Kind friends have also lent me books recently and I have read The Year of Living Danishly, which is a light hearted and enjoyable read about the experiences of an English couple living in Denmark for a year and their quest for a happier life. I read The Dressmaker, which is a dark, gothic tale of revenge set in rural Australia. I found the character observation hilarious as it is full of weird and wonderful individuals and their engaging lives .And lastly I have just finished A Perfectly Good Man which I literally couldn't put down. It is the story of Barnaby, a parish priest in Cornwall and it draws the various different threads of his life together as the story unfolds. I found it an incredibly moving story.

But I am pleased to say I am healing well, feeling less tired and gradually getting back to my normal self. This week I even ventured into London for a day (not alone, I might add). I attended a Kitchen Table Talent event called Build Your Business organised by Country Living Magazine. It was an excellent day, well organised with good speakers (Sophie Conran, Julie Dodsworth, Emma Bridgewater), opportunities for networking, workshops to help with branding and business plans, plus a really good lunch too! I came home buzzing with ideas for my baking business. Making the change of direction from textiles to incorporate my love of baking definitely was one of those "leap of faith" changes in my life and if I'm honest I have wobbled a few times over whether it has been the right thing to do. But this week I have received news* that has confirmed this is a good change in my life. I'm going to be intensly irritating and say I can't share that news just yet... but I will in due course.

And so I continue to bake with a passion, even if it does mean operating at half speed! Orders continue to come in and this week I've made a "naked" sponge, which has been one of my favourite cakes to date

And this blue birthday cake which might be one of my least favourites. I'm pretty confident it will taste good but I just struggle with blue food! On the plus side, it does match my range of aprons and tea cosies which will remain part of the Apricot and Fig brand.

So currently I'm feeling excited about the changes that are in store... not to mention the prospect of this bionic boot coming off next week!

* I seem to have given the impression that I have some really exciting news which is not the case. The news is not good but it has confirmed for me that starting the new business was the right thing to do and that is what makes me excited for the future! And now that sounds even more cloak and dagger than before!


  1. I don't know how closet it follows the book but I enjoyed the film of The Dressmaker. Look out for it if you ever sit down long enough to watch a film!

  2. I'm curious now! ;)
    Love the naked cake!
    V x

  3. Dear Gina, it's grand to hear that you will soon be shedding that boot. You've been a model patient, and that's bound to have helped the healing.

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed A God in Ruins. I also thought that the character Teddy was very well drawn. In general I think that KA handles sibling relation well. I know you will like Life After Life.

    Bravo to you on getting to that London event. I think that Emma Bridgewater is a very interesting person, who is not afraid to keep experimenting with her product line. I also admire her dedication to helping UK pottery production going. (I'm sure that the other two speakers were also good.)

    Now, let's have some cake! I agree with you about blue food, but admit that your pictured cake is rather beautiful. Bet that the naked sponge was delish!

    As always, best wishes to you and yours. xo

  4. I shall be looking out for the Patrick Gale book based on your recommendation. I love books set in Cornwall, can't think why! I'm excited to hear your news, I'm sure it will be taking you places. Good luck with getting the bionic boot off next week and take it easy at first, those muscles need building up again. Maybe some cake will help ;-) xx

  5. The weeks must have dragged at times, but you are certainly on the 'up'. I admire your courage in going to London, but it sounds as if it was very worthwhile.
    Pleased to hear that you are less tired and able to do a little more.
    The books all sound excellent and I must look out for them.
    Don't work too hard. (Shut up, someone else's bossy Mum!)

  6. I am pleased to hear that you are on the mend. I think change is a great thing - and I am delighted that your move from textiles to baking is working out for you. It is great to be rewarded when you make such a brave move. xx

  7. Oooh how exciting - and good for you - you deserve something lovely to happen xx

  8. Change is never easy as its all so unknown isn't it, but I've found it to always be both scary and exciting at the same time! Glad you're healing well, look forward to hearing your exciting news soon.

  9. Glad you are feeling inspired and also that your ankle is healing. I look forward to hearing more about your exciting news.

  10. naked? I see lace and silk lingerie, topped with an Ascot hat!

    Recuperating takes it out of you. Good luck with the steady progress back on to your own two feet. And also around the mystery bit!

  11. Great to hear the bionic boot is coming off soon. Take it easy and build up your strength steadily. The naked cake looks fabulous and I'd love a slice please! Beautiful detailing on the blue cake but there is something about blue food that just does not feel right. Intrigued to hear about the changes to come.......

  12. Glad to hear that you are healing well. I've lost four pounds in weight since just spraining my ankle. I attribute it to all the extra effort of getting around. Diana is right, recuperating does take it out of you. Be gone the bionic boot!

  13. I am totally with you, regarding change; we usually have control over the little things but often the big changes in life are thrust upon us.
    Your intriguing comment sounds as though your big change was worth the risk - can't wait to hear more!

  14. Well I'd like to say that I embrace change but I do acknowledge that as the years have rolled on I am more risk averse than I ever used to be so I understand exactly where you're coming from Gina. Good to see you out and about, and attending the workshop shows how focussed you are and that's impressive given the ankle situation. I am now all agog at what 'news' you might have, and even though you downplayed it at the end, my curiosity is piqued and I shall await the reveal!

  15. Glad you are getting along alright. I hope that the changes will be wonderful and that you will enjoy them!


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