Sunday 3 January 2016

The year in books...

For December 2015! 
For the past two years I've religiously posted about books I've read during the previous month, joining in with Laura for The Year in Books at  Circle of Pine Trees. But last month despite the fact I kept reminding myself I really should get around to it... I never did! 

My November book was The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd, the fictionalised story of the life of American abolitionist and suffragette Sarah Grimke. It was incredibly powerful and sad but an excellent story too. I'm ashamed to say I'd never even heard of Sarah Grimke, who was a brave and amazing woman. The book left me feeling in awe of the courage she displayed against the odds. I can definitely recommend it.

 For December I chose Flight Behaviour By Barbara Kingsolver, one of my favourite authors. Despite being busy all month I still found snatched moments to read and I loved this book too. It has a serious message about global warming told through the life of Dellarobia, a young woman, discontent with her poor life on a Appalachian farm, whose life is changed by a beautiful miracle of nature... the flight behaviour of the Monarch butterfly. As with her other books, the characters are so well written than you believe they are real. It was totally absorbing... the sort of book that makes you want to read rapidly to the end but at the same time not get to the end!

And I even had time to start another book during December A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler... which I finished this morning during a trip to A & E. Long story but the suspected cracked ankle that wouldn't support the mister's weight this morning turned out to be Tendonitis.

And this as it turned out was another great book with fabulously written characters. It is the story of the Whitshank family through three generations, telling of the threads that hold them together, their shared stories and secrets. Another book I didn't want to end!  I've missed the December link up and Laura is changing the way she is running The Year in Books during 2016 linking up on Twitter and Pinterest rather than her blog. As I am an intermittent user of both I won't be joining in this year but rest assured I resolve to keep reading at least one book a month and will no doubt report back now and then. Having read three excellent books in succession my biggest problem now is choosing my next one.

Lets hope I do better at the reading resolution than the "no alcohol in January" one (photo taken last night)... silly idea if you ask me!


  1. Oh Gina, what a short lived resolution that was - I am sure you don't overindulge and you need a reward for all your hard work.
    Please keep reporting on your book reading, I always enjoy reading the blogs and I keep hoping that I may be able to find an audio version of one of the books! Cheers

  2. I too have emoted reading a couple of books over the festive period...I loved "The Invention of Wings" too. I followed that with "The Nightingale" (Kristin Hannah) which I would also recommend
    Happy New Year


  3. I read The Invention of Wings recently and found it very thought provoking but a fantastic read.
    Hope Mr.'s ankle will soon be feeling more comfortable.
    You are quite right - that is a very silly resolution for a wind lover!

  4. I suggested The Invention of Wings for my Reading Group .They loved it and it provoked a great discussion.I have also read Spool of Blue Thread but didn't enjoy it as much as her previous books.Giving up wine??I should really but it is January and we need a bit of good cheer especially up here in North Wales where it has rained forever!!!Our son lives in Cambridge(have just opened a coffee shop in CB4,well his wife has) so I know you are a lot less wet than us!.Keep giving us reommendations for reading.Barbara

  5. Gina, it was fun to see your 2015 summary in the prior post. Clearly, you are now off to a new year in many ways and I wish you all the best!

    I also appreciated seeing your book reviews. I have read the Anne Tyler and even gave a copy to my Mom. Every family definitely has a few stories to tell. Perhaps I will eventually make my way through the piles of still unread books in my apartment and be collecting even more from the library soon. The last book I managed to finish was The Blue Guitar by John Banville.

    Can you believe that I actually had to work on New Year's Day...that was a real "first" for me. xo

  6. I enjoyed the Anne Tyler book but not as much as her previous ones. Just finished Entry Island by
    Peter May for our U3A reading group and I found it a real page turner with its slightly supernatural theme. It will be interesting on Wednesday to see what others think. I enjoy reading your blog as I am always looking for reading suggestions. Catriona

  7. If I didn't have so many books to read already I would certainly read the ones you choose because you always seem to choose interesting reads! I am glad that the foot is not too too sick! xx

  8. do please keep the books coming for us.
    Just started Daphne by Justine Picardie
    going back to my mother's Cornish roots

  9. My New Year's resolution is to try to find time for reading more books. I may just be able to achieve that. Giving up a wee tipple for a month ... no chance! xCathy

  10. More titles for me to add to the list and yes, please keep the review posts coming.

  11. We are doing the no alcohol thing - but will be having wine next Monday when we have visitors. I say that means we have to start again and not drink for the four following weeks, but Malcolm says we should just not count next Monday's wine ......

  12. I like the sound of all those books. I , like you , will miss the link on Laura's page for a year in books as well. We will have to look out for each other as we post our reviews throughout the year. Barbara


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