Thursday 16 April 2015

Sunshine, Cowslips and Pheasants!

My daily walks are still being tackled with great gusto and enthusiasm, a phenomenom which owes much to the glorious weather we've had this week. Let's see if I am still as enthusiastic if I wake up to wind and rain one morning! The landscape may be flat in the part of the country where I live (not good training for a Coast to Coast hike) but it is still beautiful. I've been accompanied every day by the song of skylarks who soar in the big skies we have in East Anglia and this week I spotted a hare, sitting statuesque at the edge of a field before bounding away.
There are also cowslips everywhere in our village, lining the paths and covering the meadows.

There are so many that one or two have self seeded in our garden.

My walks have also inspired my stitching this week and I've made these two cushions.

A couple of rather funny looking pheasants

These are going to another home but I fancy making some for myself, although that is not likely to happen soon...

My short break from work is over and already I'm planning and getting ready for another two back to back weekends away teaching at Missenden Abbey and I've several pieces of work to complete for an exhibition at the end of next month... better crack on!


  1. Lovely pictures from your walks, I'm sure you'll find enthusiasm even if it's raining - remember no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!
    Great cushions :-)

  2. Yes, good weather certainly increases the gusto factor. It may be flat but it looks very lovely. Cushions are gorgeous
    , much nicer to see them like in their splendid plumage, rather than when they are doing what they do best around her - kamikaze in the middle of the road.

  3. I do love cowslips. And hares. And those cushions are wonderful!
    I always keep my eyes peeled for pheasant feathers but no luck so far...

  4. Nothing quite like being close to nature! I adore hares and to get a glimpse of one these days is a privilege. Wonderful too having wild cowslips in your garden, I wish I had some!
    Love the cushions, you have captured the pheasants brilliantly Gina.
    V x

  5. Beautiful walk pictures! I'm so curious about your coast to coast walk. Will you just stay in local B&Bs? Will you need reservations? Will it be hard to plan where you'll be when? Questions! I have questions!!! ;-D

  6. Wow, those cushions are fantastic!!! How clever are you. I hope you have a good weekend and that the work is not too taxing. xx

  7. Hares and cowslips - two of my favourite things. In our previous house we had both in our little paddock and the first spring there I drove my children mad by saying how many cowslips I had discovered coming into flower. Love the sporty pheasant cushions.

  8. Gina, do keep up those walks...and please do take your camera along.

    My Mom always had cowslips edging one of her flower gardens...well, actually, she still does!

    I think that your pheasant cushions are fantastic. The combination of fabrics works so very well!

    It seems as if you've enjoyed your work break and are all energized to resume your amazing and creative teaching. (I'm about to have a few weeks off myself, and so far have not scheduled time is very appealing.)


  9. You are right- the weather has been beautiful. I love cowslips and have some on the allotment. Very pretty cushions too.

  10. Your enthusiasm is making me feel like a real lightweight! I wish I was committed to a daily walk but I seem to get distracted by so much other stuff. I probably only do two good walks a week. Think I need to revisit the timetable and take advantage of early mornings and plenty of light. Keep going girl, you are inspiring me!

  11. Cowslips are beautiful, aren't they? Your funky pheasants are fab!

  12. I think your pheasants are amazing! I love them!

    Last year there was a field of cowslips near us, doesn't look as if they will be as spectacular this year, but I'm keeping an eye on them. Our front lawn has been mostly covered with primroses, a few cowslips and lots of wild violets!

    It's a lovely time of year for it!

    Keep up the walking! Barbara xx

  13. The way you used the plaids in those pillows is so clever and so perfect!

  14. Ooh, much cushion love from me! Those are fun :o)

  15. Love the cushions! I've not walked for 3 days due to other things and I've missed it.

  16. Love those cushions. Cowslips, too (there's a front garden round the corner from us which is covered in them). Good to hear the walking is going well.


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