Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How Do You Feel?

Facial expressions are the most universal form of body language, with hundreds of subtly different expressions allowing us to convey our feelings and emotions.
We instinctively learn to "read" faces from a young age.

Yet for individuls on the autistic spectrum this can be totally confusing with each expression like a code that needs to be deciphered.

This work has now been completed and delivered ready to be exhibited at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace next week as part of the second stage of Prism's Coded:Decoded exhibition

These girls, each with their machine embroidered facial expressions, will be travelling to Harrogate and Dublin too.

If you are visiting the shows, be sure to say hello to them!


  1. Gina,
    Really, truly love the dolls. Such a great subject and so well done. Congratulations!

  2. What fun, and also thought provoking.

  3. Having taught autistic children I know what an important aspect this is for them to learn. A great resource.

  4. I love your girls and even though they have the same clothes and hairstyle, each one is an individual. Very clever.

  5. Oh thanks for the heads up. I am hoping to go on the Wednesday.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  6. Wonderful Gina! I wish that I was going so I could see them in person. xx

  7. the little devil, flaming with rage, and red horns!

  8. Gina, I think that your collection of expressive girls make for very good reading.

    How I wish that I could see them as parto f that show!

    However, continuing along with your theme, I find it fascinating that I am often so able to attact the attention of babies and todlers, in random enounters, like when waiting in the same check out queue at the grocery shop, or even in the shop where I work when I encounter customer's children.

    I've no children of my own, so perhaps this sort of thing happens to everyone. No matter...I just love the connecting.


  9. I'm hoping to see your wonderful dolls at Harrogate. Clustered together they bring home how confusing it must be for someone on the autistic spectrum.

  10. I'll be sure to look out for them in Harrogate!

  11. It's so true. What a fabulous idea for the exhibition. And so wonderfully executed too. xx


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