Saturday, 16 August 2014

Not One, But Two

I was all set to make another reversible skirt from my recent fabric purchases when I remembered that I had actually bought some fabric a couple of months ago that was also destined to become a skirt... except that after I had I pre-washed it ( a lesson learned because my original skirt is now just a tad too small!) it then got tidied away in my pre-open studios clear up and promptly forgotten about.
So, there was nothing else for it really... but to make two skirts this week! This was my first one made from a lovely duck egg blue/green fabric printed with French Patisserie images (bought from The Creative Sanctuary) ...

And lined with pink spots...

Although pleased with the results, my favourite part of all are the buttons which I absolutely love.

And so to my second lot of fabric bought last Sunday (from Little Laura's Haberdashery), in very similar colours...

And now I have skirt number two, finished this morning.

Also with rather fabulous buttons!

By pure coincidence, whilst knitting with friends yesterday morning, Pam presented us all with a gift of fabric with instructions to make a drawstring bag... and the fabric she had picked for me just happened to be the same pink baking fabric I've used for my skirt.

So when I finished the skirt, I knew I had to make myself the matching bag.

I'm now feeling very pleased with myself having finished off two projects in one day... although the bag was super quick and easy... so thank you Pam! Perfect for keeping my knitting tidy! You can find the tutorial to make the bag here.

All this playing with fabric does mean that I've now got to get my head down and get some actual work done in the next couple of weeks. I put aside August for catching up around the house and garden as well as finishing off some of my own projects and so far I've not even started... and August is half way through with very little to show for  it...

Except of course, there are some rather nice buttons... speaking of which I got carried away with the little blue/cake buttons and I made too many...

So if you could make use of a little set of cake buttons than leave me a comment to let me know and I'll pick out a name and send you some!


  1. Two beautiful skirts, love the fabrics you used. Have a great weekend.

  2. Could you remind me where you got your pattern from? I know it linked in an earlier post but I can't find it.
    Great skirts and a loveY choice to reflect Your personality.

  3. Those fabrics are such fun and the covered buttons make the perfect finishing touch. The little cake ones would make lovely little brooches.

  4. Two fabulous skirts - I love the drawstring bag too!
    I was thinking the same as Heather - the buttons would make gorgeous brooches!!

  5. Wow, 2 new beautiful skirts! I love the cupcake buttons too. Well done, now you'll have so much choice as to what to wear :-)

  6. I really love the fabric you have used in the blue skirt. Very pretty. And very unique.

    And cake buttons would look amazing in my tea book that I am making :-) xx

  7. Lovely skirts and those buttons are so cute!

  8. Those skirts are FaBUlOuS. I wish I could sew...

  9. What lovely skirts, and those buttons are to die for.

  10. GBBO skirts! :) Very you Gina and absolutely gorgeous!
    Your little buttons are beautiful! Thanks too for the bag link.
    V x

  11. Those buttons are so sweet, I can see why you fell in love with them. I love it when things work out that way

  12. Wow! 2 skirts in one go, I'm so impressed ...... I love them both and the buttons are just wonderful, I have a thing for covered buttons, they're so satisfying to make.
    I love this pattern, think I'll have to get it, reversible is so clever and useful.
    The quality of your construction is a real treat to see in the closeup shots.

  13. So 4 lovely skirts at once. Love the buttons.

  14. Lovely skirts Gina; there are so many lovely fabrics available these days and the little buttons are yummy. I just envy your slim figure!!

  15. The skirts are wonderful and you look great in them. And I love the matching bag. I'm sure I could use those fab buttons!

  16. Thanks for sharing skirt & the pattern. I feel inspired to get my sewing machine out again. I made all my skirts as a teenager. Got some great african fabric ready to go.

  17. Love both the skirts Gina, great fabrics! Fun to do some dressmaking again, I'm sure people will want you to make them one!Leave me out of the buttons draw!

  18. The fabric is so appropriate for you! Since reading your post, I washed the 3 fabrics I bought at FOQ last week and 2 of the 3 shrunk - so thanks v much for that tip. I'd love to be included in the draw for your buttons.

  19. Oh Gina, each one of these sewing projects really makes perfect use of the varied fabrics you've used. (I admit to seeing all that you've accomplished is making me feel like a true lazybones.)

    Those tiny cake buttons are a treat. I'm imagining how you'd be able to add them to the center of the petalled flower brooches that you've been making. Or perhaps as a way to attach a neck strap on one of your fabulous aprons. Sew the cute button on one side of the top of the apron, and then have maybe three buttonholes on that band that will go around the neck of the cook. This would give you an adjustable brand without any sort of D-ring business.

    Hoping you can follow my idea's description, Gina.


  20. Oh, Gina, your skirts are both gorgeous! I love the little details and the buttons are such a clever finishing touch!

    It's good to spend some time sewing for yourself and what beautiful new things you have to show for it :)


  21. Gorgeous fabrics, gorgeous skirts, and above all gorgeous buttons! Very impressed that you can make up 2 skirts so quickly!

  22. Wow Gina -- those skirts are adorable! I LOVE the little cake buttons -- I made some similar ones from cupcake fabric years ago and I use them as thumbtacks on my bulletin board at work!

  23. Gorgeous skirts, and I absolutely love your buttons, although please don't enter me in your giveaway as I'm not getting much crafting done at the moment and feel sure someone else will be able to make better use of them.

  24. How can you say you have little show for August when you have two fab new skirts and a bag! xx


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