Sunday 29 June 2014

Flower Power

Although I bought the first couple of editions of Mollie Makes and admit they are very pretty and visually appealing I've not been tempted to susbscribe or buy on a regular basis. I don't think that they really offer much that is new. But I was tempted by the free gift on this edition as I thought it would make an excellent project for my Young Embroiderers who met yesterday.
I made up the kit as a sample to see whether it was something they could do. (Silly me... of course they could!) You'll note that I substituted a couple of the fabrics... I'm just a little too OCD to have those red florals in with the blues.

... and then I made up another (still matching those colours)

Then I had a little play around and made a double layered version...

and several double layered versions.

and today I tried some different sizes... totally inspired by the girls who immediately asked could they make them smaller. My next challenge is to mix up those colours!

But you don't want to see my samples when you can see what the girls did yesterday. I've mounted these onto cards as they are going to be entered into our Embroiderers' Guild Regional Day competition next week, which is to make an accessory.

These three are from sisters Abigail and Sophia (Their other sister Francesca took hers home for her teacher.)

These were both made by Bluebell

The two above are from Eve and Elena, also sisters (who are only 8 and 5)

These were made by Ruby, Neve and Molly

And these three are from Chloe and Martha
Don't they all look fabulous... and not one of them has my obsessive desire to make the petals match... and I have to say they look all the better for it!
Most of the girls made more than one brooch during the day and the ones below are the ones that they all took home with them.

This was my last session as Young Embroiderers leader but I intend to keep coming along as a helper whenever possible because we always have such a brilliant time. And they never fail to teach me a thing or two!


  1. Both yours and the girls look really great!! I love how you are into matching the colours and the girls are totally the opposite! How great it is that we are all different. xx

  2. closing a chapter, and opening a new one?

  3. Brilliant!! Some as young as 5 too, clever girls!!
    V x

  4. These are so cute! I have seen the MM kit from another blogger. You got a little a little addicted to making these I see! I love all the girls' flowers, and the fact that they used random colours makes them so vibrant! I've really enjoyed seeing what your girls have created, and I'll miss that part of your blog. I'm sure they've learned so much from you too ... did you exchange a brooch with them all? Friendship Flower Brooches ;) Wendy x

  5. Amazing work from such young embroiderers - you must be so proud of them. It was a great project and a brilliant way of using even tiny scraps of fabric. The brooches look great mounted on those tags and the classes will have given each of the students the confidence to carry on making things themselves.

  6. I will miss your lovely blog posts from the young embroiderers, I love having a play with them as Well! I have tried making one of these flowers but they don't look nearly as nice as the ones you all made. As I had to make up the pattern I may have not got it all quite Right! Fun though.

  7. What a lovely, and productive session the girls had! Your flowers and theirs are all gorgeous - I'd have struggled with having 'odd' coloured petals too but they do look good when they're done.

    I have that kit, so maybe it's time I used it!

  8. Gina, I do love the garden that you and your Young Embroiderers have created. I can imagine the fun that you all had playing with the buttons and fabrics. I'd think that there would be endless variations to be explored.

    Your multi-layers of petals look marvelous...and I also personally prefer using harmonious fabrics.

    I am thinking that in certain colors these sorts of flowers might be arranged into some sort of Christmas wreath.'s not even quite July and I just typed Christmas.


  9. Love them all , especially your golden , coppery autumn coloured one !

  10. What a fab project for the Young Embroiderers. I love their spontaneous creativity. The brooches will look great at the Regional Day.

  11. Very pretty. They are a very talented group of girls.

  12. how fabulous Gina. I must admit I looked at those and actually managed to resist. could they be classified as kanzashi??

  13. They all look so lovely and it was a great final project - the girls loved making them = and they let you keep some of them - result! x

  14. 8 and FIVE??? A five-year-old made that? Very clever!!!

    I think magazine manufacturers have it rough these days with the internet. How can they possibly compete with the instant gratification of the online world. I feel just like you -- MM is visually very pretty but not a whole lot new.

  15. All fabulous! You should put your own book together of things to do with youngsters.

  16. They look great! I tried something like that from a kit once and they didn't look as good as that!

  17. I saw that issue but was not sure and I tto have gone off it after the first 6 issues. They are a very talented group, great work.

  18. I made some of these last year after watching a You Tube video and they are effective, especially seen en masse like this. Those girls have real talent and they look beautifully stitched. Sounds like you'll miss them so I'm not surprised you won't be able to step away altogether!


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