Thursday 22 August 2013

Star Gazing

Let me introduce Betelgeuse... a star studded monster.
Betelgeuse will not be coming with me to sit on my sales table at the Ashwell show on Monday, nor will he be appearing in my Etsy shop... that is beacause Betelgeuse has donned his very smart walking boots to accompany me on a Starlight Walk.
We are both in training to walk the 10 mile nightime Starlight Walk around the streets of Letchworth on September 7th to raise funds for the Garden House Hospice.

It is a year next week since my Dad died of cancer and I am doing this in his memory to raise money for the hospice which offers help to suffers and their families.

If you would like to sponsor me you can do it by visiting my Just Giving page (just click on the link). And this is where Betelgeuse comes in... if you would like Betelgeuse to live with you, just sponsor me for any amount you like (every little helps!), leave me a comment here to tell me that is what you have done and after our walk I will put names in a hat and Betelgeuse move house and live with you.

Of course I understand that you might not want him to come and live with you... he does look a little bit scary.. in which case you can just sponsor me! I'll only include you in the draw if you let me know that is what you would like.

This morning it was raining so he stayed on the sofa and listened to his music and left me to walk on my own. He won't get away with that on 7th September!


  1. I can't believe that a year has passed since your Dad passed away. Good luck to you and Betelgeuse on your walk.
    I'd be more than happy for Betelgeuse to live me, he has such good taste in music! ;)
    V xxx

  2. Happy to help and yes, would love your little star as a house guest! x Jo

  3. Good luck Gina & Betelgeuse!

    At the end of your walk, I hope you don't look like your little friend ;-)

  4. Best of luck with the walk. I have just Clicked.
    Second anniversary of my Dad passing next month. Not sure where the time has gone and I wish I had thought of someting like this so I am delighted to support you instead.
    In fact you helped me during that sad time as I think I knitted you some cupcakes to help raise funds which gave me a much needed distraction.

  5. He's real cool, that Betelgeuse! I'm just off to sponsor you and would be happy to find houseroom for Mr.B. I've been meaning to do so for weeks now so thanks for the reminder.

  6. Just made a donation in support of you both. And as I said in the comment sections, Fernley would love a fellow traveler.

  7. Already done m'dear. Looks like Betelgeuse would fit right into my family.

  8. Have just made a donation to a great cause. Would be pleased to welcome Betelguese - what a name! what a star!

  9. It does not seem like a year to me Gina but I'm sure it has to you and your Mum. I know you will complete the walk in style but I'm not so sure about the hanger on!

  10. Fernley arrived this morning, a tad travel weary but not the worse for wear. He has every confidence in Betelgeuse finishing the walk!

  11. Hi Gina good luck with the walk . I hope Betelgeuse can keep up with you and that his boots are broken in. I wouldn't like home to get blisters. Please in luxe me in the draw.
    I would love to give him a home, please include me in the draw.

  12. I wish you a wonderful walk, Gina.
    Maybe I should join you next year in memory of Kiama. I remember how she loved your sock creatures when she saw them at the 'Moving Forward' exhibition in Camebridge. So I would love it if Betelgeuse came living here with us. xx


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