Tuesday 19 February 2013

Feathers and Finery

Despite the sunshine I'm feeling sad today. As I sat eating my breakfast a dog came tearing into my back garden in hot pursuit of one of my chickens. All I could see was a mass of feathers amidst squeals and a lot of squawking. By the time I had run into the garden there was no sign of the chicken and the dog was circling like a mad thing. I opened the back gate to shoo it out to find the owner strolling along quite oblivious to the mayhem going on. When I told her that I thought her dog had killed one of my chickens her reaction was "Well have you got a gap in your fence?"... Oh... my fault then that your dog is not under control! I'm afraid I was left speechless and slammed the back gate on her while I tried to see if I could find the chicken. But there is no sign of her. Feathers everywhere but no chicken to be found in the garden or down the road. And our one remaining chicken (we lost two last year) is quite distraught! And to think we've been worried about foxes lately!
So what was meant to be a post to show you some of the brilliant work achieved in just two hours in my workshops at Textiles in Focus on Friday has turned into a bit of a rant... sorry! But back to the workshops... as you can see there were some lovely results to my "Weave it, Wear it" brooch making workshops.

There was a touch of scepticism that these would be finished in just two hours but several of the ladies wore their brooches at the end of the class.

Not all were finished and not all came out well in the photos but this is a selection from the twenty five brooches that were started.

I had four very young attendees too and the pink brooch above was made by one of the young girls... so I'm now thinking this might be a good project for my Young Embroiderers to tackle.
Well done to everyone who came to my workshops, young and old... you did brilliantly!

Textiles in Focus was an excellent show as usual with some fabulous exhibitions, displays and shopping opportunities.

Although with teaching a class in the morning and another in the afternoon as well as fitting in a quick lunch with friends, I didn't get as much time as I would have liked for looking around.

Especially as soon as I finished on Friday afternoon it was a quick dash home before packing a bag and heading off to Dundee. We arrived at 1 am, straight to bed, then spent Saturday celebrating Stewart's Mum's 80th birthday with a super high tea with all the family. Sunday it was back down the A1 and home again... a bit of a whirlwind weekend.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to see if the chicken can be found anywhere, but I'm not too hopeful.


  1. I'm really sorry about your poor wee chicken, I'm not surprised you were angry with the owner. Maybe she will turn up, I do hope so.

    Absolutely gorgeous brooches. :)
    V xxx

  2. What amazing textures and colours!!

    Hope you find her Gina. Maybe she'll make her own way home.

    C xx

  3. holding thumbs that your chicken will come home.

  4. What a horrible start to your day. I do hope there's a happy ending. The workshop looks like a huge success, the brooches are lovely!xx

  5. So sorry about your chicken. I do hope you find her.
    Your workshop looks like it was a great success - lovely brooches.

  6. the poor chicken - i do hope you find her gina.

    the work is lovely

  7. aw poor chicken Gina. I hope you find her. we had 3 dogs in our garden the other day from the field at the back of our house - guess we'd better shore up the hole in our fence. lovely work from your ladies - very tactile and lovely to see so much variety.

  8. What a terrible thing to have happened. Some dog owners are just terrible people! Hope you find your chicken.

  9. Some people beggar belief.
    Lovely brooches. Hope you find your girl. x

  10. Oh I do so hope you find you poor little chicken. What a dreadful attitude the dog owner has.

    The brooches are beautiful.


  11. I do hope you find your poor chicken. She must be so traumatised. The law requires people to keep their dogs under control so you should report it to your Local Authority in case they get any more reports of a similar nature.

  12. Oh Gina I'm so sorry to hear about your chicken. Some people shouldn't be dog owners! How rude and ignorant to not utter an apology to you!
    Your workshop attendees certainly created some wonderful brooches, pretty impressive in 2 hours! Sounds like your weekend was a whirlwind - that's a lot of mileage in just a few days!

  13. I am so sorry to hear about your chicken Gina; shall you get another if she isn't found, to keep the other company?

    Your students must have had a marvellous time at the class, each piece is beautiful.

  14. Irresponsible dog owners are a scourge - I do hope you will find your poor chicken hiding somewhere in safety.
    The brooches are lovely and so unusual - what a great idea.

  15. Hope you can find your chicken - I would have been speechless too. The little brooches are delightful - such a lovely thing to do in a workshop where time etc is limited. x Jo

  16. The brooches are lovely. So sorry about your chicken.

  17. Why are some dog owners so irresponsible? It really annoys when I think how I used to be with Sparky. Hope you find the chicken and it's ok.
    The brooches are lovely and the few ladies that I saw said they had enjoyed the class.

  18. What sweet brooches, a great project.

    Sorry to hear about the chicken, so annoying about the dog owner. Dogs are not to blame but the owners can make me livid

  19. I can never understand why dogs are not kept on leads in suburban areas......your poor chicken, I don't know much about chickens but maybe she is hiding somewhere, hope you manage to find her unharmed.

    The brooches are fantastic and they are all so unique.

  20. How horid of that owner to say what she did. I would report her to the council. Here in Australia dogs & there owners are fined & some times the dogs are distroyed if they attack other animals like this. They pose a threat to people as well.

    I hope your chicken is ok & you find her.

    Oh & the broaches all look great.
    Hugs Elizabeth xx

  21. Sorry to hear about your poor chicken. People really should keep control of their animals!!!

    The brooches look great - we saw a few ladies proudly sporting them at Textiles In Focus and they all seemed to have a great time.

    Personally I loved the show - and can't wait til next year - it has made me get on with some hand stitching again!!!

  22. That woman was lucky you were not me...I'd have given her a gap in her front teeth.

    Here we have dog bylaws...and they abide by them or ...else.... fines.. and dogs end up in the pound... or worse, if neighbours get really ticked.... like me... who is sick and tired of dogs crapping on my lawn just because I Iive on a corner lot and chose not to fence ... ...and don't even get me started on silly people putting their doggie bags full of poop in our garbage can...especially when it is hot and it gets really smelly. Why can't they take home where it belongs? or not bother owning dogs if they don't want to train and care for them properly...

  23. I would say report the dog as suggested, it maybe a child next time. How horribly upsetting for you too.

    Your class on the other hand looks like an out and out success. The brooches are wonderful.

  24. What a horrid start to your day, I think you deserve a rant! I hope you find your chick again safe and well. Beautiful brooches there - I love that they're all completely different, and I partic. like the pink beaded one.

  25. Beautiful brooches your students created! Hard to believe they can be finished in 2 hours.
    Hope your chicken turns up safe and sound. Did you report that awful dog owner? Here, people can be charged a large fine if their dogs are running loose.

  26. Oh what a horrid experience - people like that should not be allowed to own a dog. I hope the poor chicken is okay.
    Oh the brooches are gorgeous sounds like you had a good time at Cottenham.

  27. Shocking about the dog or better dog's owner attitude.
    I would be inclined to collect any remains of the poor chicken and make a 'shocking' public art piece out of it.

    It was lovely seeing you at Textiles in Focus and the photo's look almost as good as the original brooches I saw.
    See you soon, xx

  28. That 'lady' shouldnt own a dog if she cant control it.
    Love the woven brooches, a lovely idea for YE's they could mmake them for Mothers Day.

  29. Ooooh, aren't they pretty! Sorry to hear about your chickens -- I hope you've found her by now!

  30. Huge thumbs up for the workshop broches and massive thumbs down for the stupid dog owner. People like that shouldn't have pets. How dismissive. Grrr! Hope your chicky comes home safe

  31. Im afraid Id have given the darned woman her dogs horroscope!
    Appalling dog OWNER behaviour!
    Hope chook survived the shock.....and lone chook is okay too. Maybe get a soft toy for solitary chook sitting company?
    Am blog hopping..hiya!
    Thats a smashing idea for the pins.....great weaving embellishment!

  32. I'm so sorry to hear about your chicken Gina - what a dreadful dog owner!

  33. Funky brooches! I hope the hen wasn't frightened to death and that you found it. If not you'll have to get a companion for your lone hen.


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