Friday 20 July 2012

Art in Action

Well I'm not sure where that week went... two good days of Open Studios, dinner with friends, a trip to Farnborough to talk to the group "Textile Expressions", a last minute evening at the theatre, lots more rain... and here we are, Friday again! I did manage a rather splendid day out with friends yesterday to "Art in Action". Ignoring the fact that it took two hours to get the five or so miles from the M40 to actually getting into the show (muddy fields, alternative parking, shuttle buses... they'll have it sorted out by Sunday!) it was a good day with plenty of inspirational art work on show... and the food was great too!

Lots of fabulous work but these were four of my favourites:

Amazing figurative paintings onto a background of painted stitched papers and fabrics by Susan Macarthur.

Wonderfully subtle and understated work with print, stitch and embellishment from Dionne Swift

Quirky, funny and delightful automata from Jane Ryan.

And beautifully delicate textile inspired ceramics from Gwen Bainbridge.

It got me thinking there needs to be a bit of action in my own art work right now. I seem to have hit a hiatus, where if I'm not actually working on a commission everything I do is geared up for teaching to make sure I have fresh samples etc. I don't feel I'm doing anything very new or exciting and somehow want to change that... not that I actually know what it is I want to be doing, although I do need to step outside my comfort zone.

But with another weekend of Open Studios coming up there wasn't much time today for innovation and exploration... so I put together another flower garland... partly because I need some more samples for a class I'm teaching at Bee Crafty in November

And partly because the left over flowers make good cards to replenish my diminishing stock.

I'll face the problem of my comfort zone next week!

Meanwhile, my house is open for another weekend.
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July 11 am until 6 pm.
Full details here:
I would love to see you!

On Monday, my blog is five years old so I think that might warrant some sort of celebration don't you? I might even give something away... to make way for all this new and innovative work I plan to do!


  1. Five mile in 2 hours!!!
    Great artwork, I love the teapot.
    Your little flowery cards are gorgeous Gina. :)
    Best wishes for the 2nd Open Studios!!
    Vivienne x

  2. I love the teapot too, and your floral wreath and cards.
    Maybe an improvement in the weather will help your inspiration flow again.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Art in Action is a wonderful day out isn't it Gina. The food is always very good too! Do like that teapot - I shall go and study her work. Your wreath is lovely colours.

  4. Where on earth did you find the time to make the wreath? with all the other activity .... its lovely.
    Good luck for the coming weekend, and with inspiration.

  5. It was a lovely day indeed and it got my creative juices flowing again, at least in my mind that this. Oh, and thank you Gina for my lovely miniature Pisces book,I will treasure it. Hope to meet up for another lunch and inspirational chat some time. xxx

  6. That first image is stunning! I shall have to investigate. Wishing you some sunshine for this Open Weekend. then will you try to relax a little?

  7. Some lovely work and some new names for me to take a peep at! Sunshine here at last, have a wonderful weekend again.

  8. I don't know how you find time to do so much. I love the flower garland.

    Hope your open weekend goes well.

  9. Oh Gina, it always seems to me that you do so much more than most of us ever manage. So...I do not think you should be concerned. As someone above commented, maybe it's good to have a bit of summer relaxation time, contemplation time, that might give a sort of incubation to some new notions you'll wish to pursue.

    Thank you for sharing those other artist's work. The textile-influenced teapot is quite lovely.

    Hoping you'll have great weather today and tomorrow for your open studio!

    I do like the quilted flower wreath.


  10. Ooh, I recognise those lovely cards! The teapot is lovely, I liked to stitch one, a textile inspired by a ceramic (inspired by a textile...........)?

  11. Yet another year that I've missed Art in Action but I think your choices would have been mine too. I've been a fan of Jane Ryan for so long and met Dionne at Printfest a couple of years ago, where she was exhibiting her intriguing collagraphs printed onto felt. I will now search out the other artists and will wait in anticipation to see where your creative thoughts go next. I sense you are ready to do something quite radical.....

  12. I too love Susan Macarthur's work. I admired Dionne's work at AinA last year, and in fact I share all of your choices of other artists.
    Your flower wreaths are fascinating, and I'd love to know how to make them; maybe later this year??? Meanwhile my current treat is five days of calligraphy with Lin Kerr at Oxford Summer School ( )
    Good luck with your forthcoming work.

  13. Glad you survived the mud at A in A!! Love the garlands, very pretty.


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