Saturday 2 June 2012

Now You See it, Now You Don't

In many ways this has felt like a very long week, but it has also gone in a flash. Just as soon as this was installed it seems like we were taking it down but I think it was a success. The exhibition was certainly very successful and PRISM seems to  go from strength to strength with more exciting and more stimulating work each year.

My phone box installation could not be missed that's for sure but I do wonder whether I quite gauged it right. When it was in a real phone box in the street, people noticed the installation, but in the gallery it was the actual phone box that seemed to attract the attention rather than the work inside. And most of the discussion seemed to centre on whether it was a real phone box and the practicalities of how I managed to get it into the gallery.

Once I thought I would always be known as the "bag lady"... that person who made a dress from Sainsbury's plastic carrier bags... but I think now I might be better known as the phone box lady!

Ah well... I guess all publicity is good publicity! I didn't sell many of the jubilee books in the shop unfortunately (only one if you must ask) so I expect I'll be listing them in the etsy shop over the next week... and making desperate pleas for you to buy them again!

Meanwhile, my other claim to fame this week is that I've had a video tutorial on making tassels posted on which you can view here. It's free but you do have to register on the site. I'm looking forward to all the jubilee celebrations over the rest of the weekend... hope you have a good weekend too.


  1. Got to the exhibition today Gina and as you say it was excellent, very inspiring.Its a pity your books were not snapped up. The Mall was full of people today and I'm sure if they had ventured into the exhibition they would have loved one of them as a unique souvenir to take home.Your telephone box was as good as I thought it would be and definitely eyecatching.

  2. Gina, I think it is always hard to gauge what will interest people. The red phone box is an iconic subject and perhaps it would overwhelm the artwork in that setting. I would have loved to have seen it in "real life".

    I think it is good to have had the work out there though. Congratulations.

  3. Sorry I was not able to go to exhibition.Well done. Now put your feet upfor a few days. Video is very good by the way.

  4. Glad the exhibition went well and I'm sure your work was appreciated - I just love the phonebox figures. I think Sainsbury's should buy the dress - for a vast sum of course - and use it as part of an advertising campaign! Have a lovely relaxing weekend - pity about the weather but we won't have to worry about heat exhaustion or sunburn.

  5. Hi Gina! I missed you yesterday - due to a sudden change of plans, I finally saw your work (and everyone elses, of course) yesterday lunchtime. Definitely couldn't miss the phonebox! You may be right that the embroidery itself had more impact when it was in a "real" phonebox in the village, but certainly the people I overheard at the exhibition were very complimentary, so it was definitely a worthwhile venture. I'm off to watch your video now!

  6. I still think that the phonebox art is brilliant and an inspired idea.

    The video is a bit of a swizz, you have to be a paying member to watch it all...

  7. Gina, I wish that I could have seen the exhibit, and had my own phone box experience. I imagine that each viewer's reaction was unique.

    From your photos, it seems to me that the phone box definitely was a focal point of the show, and would have drawn visitors over for a closer look.

    Best wishes!

  8. The phone box looks brilliant in the photos you have taken and I am surprised that the emphasis seems to have fallen on it rather than its contents. Well done you for following it all through.......

  9. i think your phone box installation is wonderful Gina - the amount of work that went into it. it's also amazing what you have managed to make with plastic bags. who knew they could look so gorgeous. enjoy your Jubilee weekend.

  10. I looks like it was a wonderful exhibition Gina -- I'm sure it was a lot of work. Congratulations!!!

  11. Nice to see your phone box installed, Gina.

    If I were there, I would notice what was inside....I think this is a brilliant piece.

    I've read your newest post and would like to send good wishes - warm regards - to you right now.

    Hope all is going well.


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