Monday 17 October 2011

My Feet...

Don't seem to have touched the ground over the past few weeks.
(Although I have managed to finish my first ever pair of patterned socks)

I seem to be rushing from one thing to another without any breathing space. As well as starting my MA, I've done loads of teaching, some exhibition stewarding and finally on Friday, filming my DVD, which was one of the most nerve wracking things I've ever done! It should be available by mid to late November and you can get pre- release information if you sign up for the Colouricious newsletter. Although you can be pretty certain I'll be letting you know too!

As a result of all this activity, some things have inevitably slipped. I'm not managing to reply to all your lovely comments, but every single one is read and appreciated... so please don't stop! I'm also starting to lose track of all the fabulous cakes that have been arriving for my Pink Friday party. I'm trying to thank people as they arrive but if you have sent me a cake and haven't heard from me...I'm sorry and THANK YOU!!! They seem to arrive daily, most in the post but some appearing on my doorstep and others being handed over by students in classes. I've been overwhelmed and delighted by the response. Be sure to check back on Friday 28th October.. Party Day!

But finally things are starting to calm down a little and yesterday I had a chance to unwind in one of my favourite ways... cooking.  With family here for lunch I indulged in some new recipes. This wonderful mixture of courgettes, cheese, rice and herbs...

Was turned into this Courgette and Rice Filo Pie, which was the vegetarian alternative to the roast beef... although as always all the meat eaters had to have a portion too!

The recipe came from this new book which is rapidly becoming one of my favourites. Full of tasty but simple recipes, made from ordinary ingredients. Proper home cooking!

We had to have cake too... Nigella Lawson's version of a Jewish Honey Cake... which you have to love if only because it doesn't have any honey (just a whole tin of golden syrup!) Absolutely delicious served with a warm butterscotch sauce. (Best not to even think about the calories.)

Right... it's back to work for me this week!


  1. I've finished my cake too! A bit of a miracle, probably the only piece of knitting I've EVER finished in my life. Please can you remind me of your address so I can send it? And that book is one of my new favourites too - we've loved the chard/potato curry and the beetroot tea loaf variation (but not together:)

  2. Yum! To all of it! Well done on the socks. My knitting seems to have stalled this year. x

  3. Hooray for Parade socks! And that's the very first recipe I marked to try when my copy of Veg arrived last week--now I really must get to it!

    K x

  4. Phew! what a busy time you have had lately - hopefully knitting those gorgeous socks will have been therapeutic. Lovely post though I had to close my eyes when the photo of that cake appeared. I love vegetables and have just treated myself to the Veg book and am looking forward to making better use of them. The courgette and rice dish looks delicious.
    The knitted cakes look very festive en masse - hope you've only committed yourself to a small donation per cake or you'll be bankrupt!!

  5. Dear Gina,
    I had to stop over and check in to see how your MA work is coming along. It seems I alternate between feeling everything is under control and utter panic but now that my speech is behind me I'm hoping things will even out!
    I too cook to release stress. That honey cake looks delicious.

  6. the socks are wonderful! if the feet ain't happy, you ain't happy.

  7. That's quite a tea party you've got going on there! :)
    As always your lunch sounded delicious!
    Vivienne x

  8. I guessed you'd been slacking........... ;O)

  9. Sounds like you've been swamped Gina. Those socks are just beautiful - can you tell us where the pattern is from? Your baking exploits look fab too!

  10. Bravo to you, busy lady!

    You are quite an accomplished juggler.

    (I also do my knitting as a form of relaxation, but rarely seem able to do much "real" cooking or baking. You've inspired me.)


  11. This is a delicious post. I love your cabled socks. penny

  12. love the socks - the cakes look great - can you send me your address please as my cake is ready to come- I was thinking about buying that recipe book but as he seems to be advocating eating puppies I was abit worried!!!!!

  13. Respect for the socks .. wow, they look so professional. Love the colour too! As for the cooking .. suddenly I feel hungry and remember I've yet to eat supper!

  14. Wow you busy bee! See that last course falling through did have a huge silver lining, just look how busy you are now with things you love :-)

  15. Love the socks.I hope all goes well with the course and there isn't too many distractions.

  16. Gina,
    What an amazing array of cakes! Can't wait to see how they get used.I watched HFW on Sunday and thought he made some beautiful things. I like the look of that filo pastry pie and might have to get the book to try that but I'll pass on the golden syrup cake. Like you, I dread to think of the calories. Now... just waiting for that video taster... might put it on my Christmas list!

  17. Wow that pie looks amazing. I spotted that book the other day but regretfully left it as I just don't think I could get Tim interested in any of it. Bet he'd that Honey cake tho!

  18. oh my,such scrumptious food, makes my mouth water just looking at them!


  19. That pie looks scrummy! I've been watching the programme, he's been making some delicious looking food.
    I like the fact that the honey cake doesn't have honey in, but a whole tin of golden syrup is going some!

  20. Oh golly I'm hungry now! Pesky diet!!! And those socks are fabulous Gina - what/where is the pattern - I love them and need to add them to my ever-growing sock queue!
    Lucy xx


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