Friday 30 September 2011

T. G. I. Friday

This week has whizzed by but I'm not sorry it's Friday.

My first day at University was rather uneventful... queues to get passwords, queues to check I am who I say I am, queues to have my photo taken, queues to receive my college I.D card and queues to hand over vast sums of tuition fees. This was all followed by an afternoon playing getting to know you games more suited to 12 year olds and being told what a wonderful museum the V and A is and how we really should try and visit. I guess the only way is up...

Wednesday saw me in Norwich stewarding the ERTF Concepts and Meanings exhibition in Dragon Hall.
For the exhibition, I finished a third standing figure to accompany my original two standing figures from the telephone kiosk.

Ideally they look best in the context of the phone box and failing that I like them displayed overlapping against light but because of the nature of the building and certain restraints in hanging work this wasn't possible, but overall I was really pleased with the way they looked. There is some lovely work in the exhibition which is still open for another week.

Today I've been teaching up near Huntingdon at Bee Crafty... my first time at this shop that is only seven weeks old yet absolutely buzzing with activity. It is a real treasure trove of beads, buttons, yarns, trims and of course fabric... well worth a visit. I had been told to expect cake but I wasn't prepared for the wonderful plate of homemade biscuits that appeared with elevenses. By the time I grabbed my camera this was all that was left! It doesn't get much better than homemade jammy dodgers!

As well as eating cake and biscuits, we also did some sewing and these are some of the wonderful books finished by ladies on the course...

And as for me...  you know I said I had an urge to make an even smaller book... you know I said there wasn't time this week... well, I guess you also know me well enough by now to know I'd do it...

So here it is, just 4cm square.

With a bonded and stitched cover with real ivy leaves

and sixty four little folded pages! I'm not going any smaller because cute though it is, it is also pretty useless!

As for tonight... I think wine, knitting and Strictly Come Dancing are on the agenda... before all the madness starts again next week.


  1. You must have felt you'd wasted the day at University, but I suppose procedures have to be followed. I loved your standing figures in the phone box but they still look good hanging singly. Hope you grabbed that last jammy dodger! Your students' books are lovely and your weeny one is exquisite, even if it is useless. Enjoy your evening.

  2. I can't believe what you did at College - did anyone else mutter?!- love the little book - a book for a thought on each page!

  3. Your three figures for the exhibition look great! Where do you find the time????

  4. What a busy week! I suppose the first day at Uni is aimed at the young lot - you will have to be patient!! Glad the exhibition went well, I like the 3 figures... and your dear little book!

  5. Your standing figures are great just like a scene at the train station.
    I love your little book it's cute and I think a page for a thought a day is good.

  6. I love your tiny book - exquisite! Xxxx

  7. What a disappointing day, such a shame.

    Your figures look good however they are shown but I do like them overlapping best.

    The tiny book is gorgeous!

  8. love your figures Gina, so clever and so lifelike. shame that the little book has no use = you never know. it's still a lovely touchy feely item though.

  9. Your figures are great Gina, so real!
    Love the cute little book and your ladies books are lovely too.
    As for uni, as you say the only way is up!!
    Vivienne x

  10. That kind of day would have driven me mad (the uni one). Yummy jammy dodgers and wonderful work that your ladies produced. One cute little book.

  11. Your figures look amazing Gina - overlapping they are so intriguing!
    Love all your students books - so pretty - adore the tiny one (what patience). It will make a lovely gift for someone really special.

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments and your time coming to visit us at Bee Crafty - the ladies loved it!!

  13. Wow Gina -- you've been so busy and making such pretty stuff! That little book might be cute displayed like bunting with some fun saying across all the pages. ;-)


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