Wednesday 12 August 2009


I have been the lucky recipient of some rather fantabulous gifts of late! For my birthday last month I got a parcel from my very dear friend Jude... I quote her when I say we share the same sense of humour and taste in good food and red wine! I couldn't believe the loveliness inside. This amazing bag, beautifully hand knitted and just look at all those bobbles! I'm in awe that anyone would make something this special for me. I've linked to Jude's short lived blog because you will then see that she also has a talent for knitting shrimp!

As if that wasn't enough, inside was a pair of gorgeous mitts... almost lovely enough to make me wish for cold weather!

I love you very much Jude... but not enough to knit that many bobbles for your birthday! (only joking!)

Another gift that turned up out of the blue was this beautiful little badge from Maria... to welcome me into the chicken club... isn't it cute!

And then last week I received a parcel from Jenny... to thank me for being the winner on my last giveaway. Now I thought the idea of a giveaway was that I sent the gifts - not that I'm complaining! I love chocolate eclairs and the little bag that the sweets and tissues came in was lovely.

Thank you all!

Today it was my turn to be the bringer of gifts. Jacob and I went to see my Mum and Dad for lunch so I packaged up their very own organic veggie box filled with home produced goodies.

And when we got home I made us our own gift... some mini sized blueberry muffins. A week away at summer school also meant a week of cooked breakfasts, two course lunches and three course dinners... and somehow that has made my clothes shrink. I thought that by having smaller portions... hence mini muffins... I might solve the problem.

But I guess not if you eat them three at a time?


  1. Lucky girl - but I'm sure you deserve it! How do you stop your courgettes becoming marrows overnight? I once, many years ago, knitted an Aran cardigan with blackberry stitch bobbles and I agree, you have to love someone VERY much to knit them as a gift!
    Oh, it's nearly six o'clock - time for Just a thimbleful!

  2. It's all so wonderful! Very impressed with your carrots--ours were rather odd looking--a bit lewd actually! And the muffins are lovely--I think you'd need to eat at least three! K x

  3. what beautiful knitted gifts - lucky girl! the veg box looks scrummy so i bet your mum and dad were well chuffed. Your mini muffins are making me hungry!


  4. I have o say, I love that bag.... I never attempted to knit bobbles, as soon as I knew what was involved it seemed too time consuming and put me off. Happy birthday, your gifts are lovely

  5. That bag is gorgeous and that pattern is lovely. The mitts are very practical yet pretty too. Lucky parents to have an organic produce box straight from your garden. The trouble with mini anythings is that they are handy bite sized bits that can just be popped into the mouth without you noticing. Only the waistline notices!

  6. Well you have to eat them three at a time to stand any chance in your house, don't you? :-))

    Lovely gifts, lucky you and beautiful fresh veggies and eggs. Yum!

    Years ago I hand knitted a beautiful aran style hooded top with loads of bobbles on and then barely wore it!

  7. Me again - I've just read MY blog!

    Thank you for the recipe,my scones will now be great -
    And you are using OUNCES to specify the weight!
    For metric terms I can't abide, I do not understand 'em
    And recipes with grammes in I rapidly abandon.
    But then, you silly girl, you got your knickers in a twist -
    Two centimetres thick? My mind is really in a mist.
    I'm standing here with floury hands, I'm sure you get the scene -
    And I'm searching for a ruler to find out what you mean!

  8. I love the idea of mini muffins, I must try that of course not three at a time. It's dreadful when clothes shrink I have that problem all the time, but I'm in the process of trying to make them bigger again!

  9. Should have said thanks for the sympathy about the bad hair cut.

  10. The chicken badge is just fabulous!

  11. Wow, wow, and wow again. Each of those gifts is a wonder. Enjoy each of them and the friendship that caused their creation.

    I would love to have directions to make those mits!

    Best wishes.

  12. What lovely gifts - but you of all people deserve to be sent nice treats!

    I'm laughing at the idea of trying to lose weight by making mini muffins and then scuppering it totally by eating 3 at once!

    Lucy x

  13. The 'mini' thing never works for me - unless opening the pantry door many times burns off the excess calories?

  14. Happy birthday for last month and what wonderful presents! I know just what you mean about bobbles having just been struggling with them for the project I should be posting about at the moment. (So easily distracted!)And those mittens... tell Jude she should get back to her blog, there's so much potential! Well done on the veg, too. It's inspiring me for next year.

  15. Lovely gifts and I especially like Jude's mittens - do you think there's any chance she would let us have the pattern?

  16. Lovely stuff! I'm trying to work out how the bag strap's done.

    The veg box was a super idea.

    And the bite-size muffins too! (I'm imagining them with my cup of tea)


  17. Those mini muffins are the sure cure for shrinking clothes! xx

  18. ... and many other 'ailments' i should think! x

  19. LOL at the mini muffins! I just love the bag and the mitts. Have just knitted my first pair of fingerless gloves and OMG I'm hooked! And the bag - I can manage blanket squares with bobbles on but that's my limit!

    I am salivating at the veg too ...

  20. You only ate three at a time ? So restrained . I'm sure you could have managed four .

  21. Beautiful, beautiful gifts. I love the idea of mini muffins...... or even big muffins..... and there's me been blaming the washing machine for the last few months! Ha! x


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