Saturday 13 December 2008

Silver Pebbles!

Yesterday, together with the lovely Silverpebble and a very cute and happy baby pebble, I descended on the Dotty Cookie household. The purpose of our gathering was to learn how to make precious things from silver clay. First of all we were treated to a delicious lunch by Val - a tasty butternut squash soup, some homemade bread and the most amazing pudding made from chesnuts and apples and meringue... I did take a photograph but it was out of focus so you'll just have to use your imagination! We then got to work, modelling tiny pieces of silver clay into discs and applying a liquid clay through stencils to make a design on the surface.... so far so good!

The clay pieces were dried out in the oven while we prepared for the next stage in the process. Usually Emma does this over her gas hob in the kitchen but being without a gas hob in Val's kitchen we resorted to using one of these... a bit of an experiment.

I would like to point out that at this stage I was holding the baby so can take no responsibility for what happened next. Someone (I'm not mentioning any names) applied the blow torch to the little clay discs which were resting on a wire gauze... they began to glow (use your imagination again... I can't hold babies and take photos)... they began to glow some more. Then without any warning they burst into dramatic flames. There was nervous laughter which rapidly became hysterical. Tiny small and Tall small found the sight of three slightly hysterical grown up women very amusing. When the flames died down, the clay had turned to silver as it should but it had also melted and fused to the gauze. We prized them off and put them into a bowl of water to cool and although they had lost some definition, I'm really pleased with my "silver pebble" and can see the dragonfly very clearly... which is pretty amazing as I didn't have my glasses with me and couldn't see a thing while I was making it!

The results might not have been as planned but I had lots of fun and a really lovely day... can we play again soon? Please?


  1. Fuzzy photos? Are you sure there was only butternut squash in that soup? Your dragonfly looks very effective, considering you tried to burn the house down lol

  2. It is very pretty, but Oh My Goodness! If you do it again take a fire extinguisher along with you!

  3. Oh! Burning the house down is rather an extravagant way to deal with the washing up!

  4. You know, you could always just call the mesh marks texture and tell everyone you meant it to happen!

  5. Oh dear! This IS the first time I've used a blowtorch with artclay. Mr P assures me that blowtorches are several hundred degress hotter than the hob! How was I to know???? Glad everyone's eyebrows are intact at least. We shall certainly do it again - perhaps at my house where, I wont worry so much if there's an inferno!

  6. Wicked fun girls!!!!

    Must get that pudding recipe off Dotty-C - yummy! no wonder you were all in a mellow mood when the arty inferno took place ;-)


  7. How fabulous. Sounds like a great time for all, and with added oomph in the shape of some flames. You three are such hot stuff ;-) x

  8. OK, OK, I was the blowtorch wielding nutter, but in my defence, I was acting under instruction! My favourite moment was when your pebble literally leapt off the gauze ...

    So, have you placed your ArtClay order yet ?!

  9. There must have been alcohol in that pud! How lovely - not a health and safety rule in sight. I don't hold with health and safety, it's far too restricting!! The silver pebble looks great in spite of it's traumatic arrival.

  10. OH I am soooooooooooooooooo JEALOUS!!!!!!

    Time with Val and Emma and you AND playing with silver clay!!!!

    You lucky lucky things!

    Lucy xxx

  11. Glad your all OK.
    I think your dragonfly is beautiful, fossil like.

  12. yep, i'm jealous too!! sounds like an absolutely great day you lucky girls you!!!


  13. That's a very technical piece of kitchen equipment, isn't it !
    Most definately too dangerous for me to have one :-).

  14. That looks great. My hairdresser uses this to make wonderful stuff.

  15. Better put the fire brigade on standby before you do!

    I bet it was Val wielding that blowtorch - she'll be getting Bunsen burner withdrawal!

    Pretty pebble though.

  16. Fanning your flame?
    I want a go!

  17. Hee hee - maybe you should call yourselves the Xtreme Crafters - crafting with danger!!

    I'm actually exceedingly envious!
    1. because the three of you got to see each other.
    2. because you got to play with PMC - something I'd love to do

    Sounds like great fun...if a tad perilous :-)

  18. Love your silver pebble! And it sounds like quite an adventure you had making it :)


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