Sunday 26 October 2008

A Temporary Halt

Just as I thought I was making really good progress on the ripple blanket (it actually covers my knees now) there was a bit of a halt in proceedings....

A crochet hook calamity you understand... my beautiful turned wood crochet hook snapped in two.

And of course I have crochet hooks in every available size except the size I needed. But at least this has meant instead of crocheting in the evenings I've been knitting and have finally finished the socks I started months ago.

Which is just as well given the state of my other hand knitted socks....

It looks as though I might have to start darning in the evenings instead.

As for the crochet... our village Post Office came to the rescue and had a hook in just the right size. Our wonderful Post Office sells far more than just stamps!

So I think I will be crocheting again in the evenings.... especially now it's getting dark so early.


  1. I am so in love with that ripple blanket! LOVE the socks too.

  2. I must learn how you do that ripple blanket. Not sure I can remember how to crochet, but the end result is so lovely.

    I have my grandmother's old darning mushroom. Would you like to borrow it? :-p


  3. You have to love a good local village P.O.

  4. Golly you've done loads of your blanket! Far more than me anyway!!!

    I was looking at those lovely wood turned hooks in Edinburgh on Monday but I was worried I would end up digging the twiddly bit in my hand as my crochet method is a bit cack-handed!

    Lucy x

  5. your blanket looks fantastic - gorgeous colours. great socks too - have never tried socks..yet..didn't particularly think i'd ever crochet til i saw your blanket. is it hard to do??? and where's the best place to start - can a beginner start with waves or is that too ambitious?!! so many questions...!!


  6. That blanket is stunning! And I like the socks too...

  7. I have started and ripped and restarted a ripple blanket so many time snow that I think I'd better just give up the idea!

    I have some hand knitted socks that look like yours - it's pretty upsetting when theye wear through!!!

  8. mmm crochet cosy toes and blankets...joyous!

    Now that's spooky, as just the other day I was chatting about my aunt's darning mushroom....(I really should get out more)


  9. Oh wow, that is some beautiful crocheting you've got going on. The colours look gorgeous together. But much as I love the blanket, I'm afraid it can't even come close to the eels! There are so many sock monkeys, cupcakes and owls in blogland but I have NEVER seen a sock eel! ...will he be for sale when he's finished the book tour with his frightened-looking brother? :)

    oh and r.e. tuesday- let's just say that a certain blog has been going for 363 days...

  10. Oh! I would be so sad if I lost a beautiful crochet hook like that. I adore pieces of turned wood.

  11. The blanket is looking lovely.
    What a wonderful Post Office ours sells stamps!.

  12. Your blanket is gorgeous and I still love those sox. Hope you're good at darning tho. :o)

  13. Sad to see your broken crochet hook - my Dad was a wood turner so I love carefully crafted wooden things.

    Crocheting a big blanket seems a jolly good idea as the nights get chilly!

    You mustn't throw those holey socks away - my Grandma would have darned them. You could always make them into a creature!


  14. Oh Gina, it's gorgeous!! I really really want to make another ripple blanket but I've got too much knitting on the go - oh heck I might just make one anyway!! It's not as if I'm lacking in the spare bits of wool department!! It will also mean I have to spend more time sitting down with the radio on :)


  15. That blanket is lovely, you must be so cosy "wearing" it in the evenings!

  16. OH NO! How did that happen to your crochet hook?

  17. I learnt to crochet just so I could make a ripple blanket like the one in Jane's book! Yours looks fantastic!

  18. Ooh Gina, your ripple blanket looks fantastic .... must be p-r-e-t-t-y frustrating at time though, if it made you do that to your hook!

    Loving the handmade socks too .... with or without ventilation!


  19. Oh your poor crochet hook! Those wooden ones are just gorgeous, but I haven't yet splashed out on one! Love the ripple too.


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