Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day Ten :: Colour

Can't stop for long today...

Having too much fun stitching and playing with colour....

This is destined to be a bag, that has to be finished by Friday... Another reason I can't stop for long.

Needless to say the Christmas prep is no further along but I may well have a bag to show you tomorrow!


  1. Looks lovely, I must get around to making one!

  2. Christmas? Pah! Enjoy making your bag! ;)
    V x

  3. It looks gorgeous. No progress with Christmas prep here. Sadly, no hand sewn bags, either.

  4. gorgeous bright colours Gina. Perfect for a dull winter's day.

  5. What a wonderful riot of colour!! Very festive indeed. xx

  6. So colourful! I love it, the stitching gives it that wow factor :)

  7. Oh Gina, these glowing colors are magnificent! I am thinking of a bowl of glowing gems, or light through a stained window, or...a sunlit garden.

    Each of these thoughts brings me happiness. xo


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