Thursday, 17 August 2017

A Shift in Focus

Almost two years ago, after a lot of serious thinking I decided to cut back on my machine embroidery and teaching and explore different avenues... namely cake baking. Many of my regular classes were being cut back and there had been a noticeable fall off of interest in things like Open Studios etc. This combined with a change in our personal circumstances meant that I could no longer afford to belong to the exhibiting group Prism and I also need to secure a more regular income, hence my baking business Apricot and Fig was born. It was and continues to be moderately successful but I have never stopped with the embroidery, it has just been lower key. However I have reached a decision point again. I spend a lot of time on the baking, especially on the shopping and the book keeping as well as hours on my feet actually baking and decorating cakes for fairly low returns. To move forward, I would need to convert a room (probably my studio) into a store room/office, buy and store in bulk and up my production considerably. In other words it would need to become full time. But that is not what I really want.

After a couple of remarks from people along the lines that they thought I had given up textiles altogether, I decided that I needed to have a rethink, which coincided with some new classes being planned and several enquiries about other weekends away teaching. And so there will be another shift in focus as I re-launch my art career. I won't stop baking cakes (I don't think I'll ever stop baking cakes) but the textiles and art will come first once again.

Which is all quite funny when you look at my latest sample made for some forthcoming classes. I posted the first photo on social media and one person thought it was an open sandwich with some fancy bacon, three people thought it was cake and my friend Isobel, who at least identified it as embroidery, wondered why it was on toast! I can only concude there has been too much food and not enough embroidery around here of late.

It is neither bacon, nor cake but free machine embroidery on scrim worked on water soluble fabric, enhanced with beads and mounted onto a book cover of painted pelmet vilene, not toast!

Because as well as embroidery I'm going to be teaching some basic book making too, so it will be a double duty sample.

Meanwhile I'm continuing to enjoy painting with my Mum and last Saturday saw us take a water colour class with artist Ali Lindley. I was way out of my comfort zone with this. We were painting birds just using big brushes and after four unsuccessful attempts I finally ended up with this, which is just about passable. Well at least it is recognisable as a painting of an owl rather than an item of food!

I'm hoping that by improving my painting skills it will improve my artwork all round so at least my embroidery will stop looking like bacon sandwiches!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A Tale of Two Cardigans

This is a tale that actually starts eight years ago when Gill and I visited a knitwear exhibition and saw this "Gina" Jacket by Marion Foale.

Having decided it was something I really had to have, Gill sourced a suitable pattern that was similar enough to the original that I could adapt it, and I invested in some rather luxurious wool yarn. Several months later, despite doing tension squares and pattern swatches I had knitted an over sized sack. It lay neglected for a long time until four years later I decided the yarn really was too good to waste and so it was unravelled and washed and I started to knit this cardigan instead. I finished the back and realised that once again it was knitting up far too big.

Fast forward another two years and it was unravelled again, I went down two needle sizes and started all over again but I've struggled with motivation. I picked it up between other projects doing a little bit here and a little bit there until a couple of months ago I decided I really must finish it and so here it is, having only taken four years, in it's final incarnation!(I'm trying very hard to look like the model in the photo!)

In truth it could still do with being a size smaller, especially on the arms, but I'm definitely not starting again. And I like it enough enough that I wore it out for a special birthday treat last week when Gill took me to The Orchard in Granchester for afternoon tea. Did you ever see such a huge plateful of food! It was delicious but we both had to take doggy bags home... not that the dog got anything I brought back! Especially after photo bombing me!

It was lovely to see Gill and catch up as I don't see nearly enough of her since she moved to Norfolk. Afterwards we had a wander around the parish church and the churchyard in Granchester. Gill has written all about it here.

I think Gill was hoping we might bump into James Norton but it must have been his day off!

And as afternoon tea at The Orchard is something I have never done before I've added it to my sixty by sixty list. An awful lot of things on my sixty by sixty seem to involve cake!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Speed Queen!

Overheard at home:
"So what else can I add to my 60 x 60 list?"
"Hot air balloon?"... "Done it", "Water skiing?"... "Done it", "Absailing?"... "Done it", "Bungee Jump?"... "Never doing it... ever"
"But I've never riden a motor bike before and I'd really like to do that!"

My brother!

In fact given that my Dad rode motorbikes when he and Mum met, and my brother has not only ridden bikes since he was sixteen but now races Rally bikes, I'm not sure how I've managed to get to sixty never having ridden one before. My brother offered to take me out for a spin but given he lives an hour away and we never seemed to be able coordinate a time when we were both free and the weather was fine, it looked like it was never going to happen... that was until a friend from just up the road offered to take me out.

Last Sunday the sun was shining so Mike gave me a call to see if I fanced going out... oh yes! We started out gently on the small roads around the villages until we ended up on the by-pass... and then we went really fast (I will not incriminate either Mike or myself by telling you how fast) and I absolutely loved it! It was brilliant! So much so that I think I would really like to learn to ride my own bike, although financially it's not really an option right now. I'll never say never though (except for bungee jumping, of course).

Me and my grandad circa 1958

And then when I was looking through some old photos I found I had actually been on a motor bike before, although I don't think it moved very far!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A Day in My Life...

Given that I only seem able to post once a week lately and when I do it's a condensed version of the entire week in one post, inspired by Christina's post here, I thought it might be fun to ring the changes and give you a condensed version of my average day instead... not that there is ever an average day around these parts. Of course there is a chance I'll bore the pants off you and you'll never come back, but I'll take that risk because I always enjoy reading about other people's daily routines but maybe I'm just nosey! So this was yesterday...

  • 6.00 am - the alarm goes and although I usually don't mind an early start to the day, often waking long before the alarm, for some reason I want to turn over and snooze for another hour. It may have had something to do with staying up late last night to finish my latest book. The Ashes of London  an historical thriller set in the times of the Great Fire. I found the descriptions of London after the fire interesting even if the plot wasn't terribly engaging at times, so enjoyed it overall... enough to stay up late to finish it anyway.
  • 6.15 am - Old clothes are on and I'm out walking the dog. It is damp, cold and drizzling and feels distinctly autumnal considering it is still early August. I don't let Hector off his lead this morning because I can't be bothered with chasing him if he runs away which he tends to do. He is far more interested in other people and their dogs than he is in me. As it happens we didn't see anyone else out.
  • 7.00 am - Back home and Stewart has made a pot of tea so I pour a mug before heading up to the shower. I don't take the tea in the shower with me!
  • 7.20 am - I drive Stewart to the station, come home and have a second mug of tea whilst looking through a contract for a new teaching job in September.
  • 8.00 am - I make my breakfast. The oats have been soaked the night before with some mixed seeds, raisins and cinnamon. I just have to stir in some fruit (grated apple, grapes and banana) and yogurt. I savour it whilst reading through some favourite blogs. I then spend half an hour trying to learn lines for a play I'm going to be in this October... I've got a lot to learn. But because I'm reading out loud it gets the dog over excited and he starts acting stupid, jumping all over the place and barking so I give up!
  • 9.15 am - I head out to deliver cheese scones and apple cake to the local coffee shop. I made them on Monday and have frozen them so they can use them as required. They still have a lot left from last week, so didn't neeed as much as usual. From there I go on to the funeral of one of our Embroiderers' Guild branch members. As far as these things go it was a lovely service with beautiful singing from the choir she used to sing with but sad too. And as always there were interesting things about her we never knew. Half way through the service I regreted the second mug of tea though! I stopped off at the bank and the supermarket on the way home.
  • 12.30 pm - Back home, I decide that it feels like soup weather, so raid the fridge and find an onion, a chilli, a sweet potato, a butternut squash and a handful of carrots with which I make an orange soup (as opposed to green soup) It took longer than I thought so ended up eating lunch quite late but it made several portions so there is plenty for the rest of the week. I added a splash of creme fraiche and some chives so it would make a pretty photo for Intagram. I also had my eye on a lone cheese scone that was left but youngest son snaffled it whilst I was on the phone to my Mum so I had toast instead.
  • 2.30 pm - I finish off a birthday cake order that came in at the last minute on Sunday. I made the cake on Monday but it needed icing and decorating. I always think these things will take about half hour when in fact it was more like an hour and a half. I'll never get rich making cakes at the hourly rate I'm working for but the customer was pleased.
  • 4.00 pm - I make a cup of tea and spend an hour answering emails and doing some planning for various classes I've got starting in the autumn, ignoring the fact I'm feeling a bit sick... I may have eaten a few too many chocolate buttons and licked too many spoons... possibly.
  • 5.00 pm - it  is time to walk Hector again. We both get very wet... the joys of owning a dog!
  • 6.00 pm - Back home I change into dry clothes and get the dinner prepared ready to cook later and then spend more time on sorting out the admin etc for my classes. I'm determined by the time September arrives I'm going to be organised and on top of the work... you heard it here first!.
  • 7.30 pm - I collect Stewart from the station and drive home and cook the dinner. We have smoked haddock fishcakes on a bed of sauted greens with a curried mayonnaise sauce. It was met with approval all round but then I don't think they would dare complain!
  • 8.15 pm - Dinner is finished and the men have washed up so I retire to the sofa with another cup of tea. I consider knitting as I have just started a new sweater called "Hut 8" from Eden Cottage Yarns. The yarn is a lovely mixture of wool with silk but it is only four ply so it may take me a while. I blame Celia who was wearing a beautiful golden version of this cardigan the last time we met. At least it is knitted in the round so there will be no sewing up. But instead I work on my rag rug which has been put aside for several weeks. I hope to be teaching a rag rugging class later this year so it will be good to have something finished. It's also on my 60 x 60 list as something I have never done before.

  • 10.45 pm - after watching the latest drama on TV followed by the news it is time to head to bed and choose a new book to start reading. I pick up The Light Between Oceans which I think I'm going to enjoy but I only manage one chapter before falling asleep!

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Random Moments in Another Week

In a moment of rather ambitious optimism and because I really would like to introduce more art back into my life I thought I might do a little sketchbook project in August... I've done it before, a couple of posts each week with ideas of drawing in sketchbooks*, starting on 1st August with you joining in if you fancied it. 1st August came and went and I can tell you now it's not going to happen. Plenty of other things happened, but not sketchbooks.

  • There was a day out painting with my Mum last week. Despite doing A level art I've not really been taught to paint and especially not painting abstracts in acrylic, so it was new to me. I was aiming for a "buildings along a shoreline" sort of impression and surprised myself in that I actually quite like it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it mind you... it's big Next week we're off for a day watercolour painting, so looking forward to that.
  • I've grown radishes! Four rows of seeds planted and this was the sum total of my harvest. I had hopes of beautiful jars of pickled radish, but that's another thing that's not going to happen. Since you ask, the bindweed and thistles however are coming on a storm, thank you (speaking of which, storms that is... it's like the tropics out there, torrential rain like I've not seen in a years)
  • The radish may have been disappointing but look... I've grown aubergine! No greenhouse, they are just plonked in the veg beds amid the bindweed! I had to take a photo just in case they don't survive as I'm not sure when they are ready to pick (any advice welcome). Last year I grew melons but the dog thought they were tennis balls... needless to say we didn't get to eat homegrown melon!
  • I was taken out  for tapas by four friends who couldn't make it to my birthday celebrations. It was a lovely evening that started with gin served in goldfish bowls. (okay, not literally). Gin and pink grapefruit is a match made in heaven... just saying! The evening finished with probably a glass too many of red wine and I may have felt a little out of sorts when I walked the dog at 6.15 the following morning. But it was worth it.
  • Stewart has a new job and started on Tuesday, back commuting into London. All going well so far and no cancelled trains... yet.
  • There has been another engagement announced this week and eldest son is getting married next year too...  Such lovely news! Three weddings in three months... I'm going to need a lot of hats!
  • I made a cake... well actually I have made five cakes, brownies, granola bars and cheese scones since Monday but this was probably the prettiest of them all.
  • We watched the athletics on TV and the dog was obsessed. He doesn't usually pay any attention to the telly but I think he was trying to work out how he could chase the runners! Lovely watching Mo win the 10,000m.
So that's another week done and dusted. 
*Should you be the least bit interested and have more time on your hands than me you can find previous sketchbook tutorial posts here and here! I don't think I'll be joining you though.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

A Snapshot of My Week

Okay, I know if I start by saying it's been a busy week you are all going to groan and say "what's new?" But boy, even by my standards it has been pretty full on. It has started and ended with birthday presents... I am loving this birthday which just seems to go on and on! My lovely stepson and daughter-in-law, James and Elizabeth, gave me theatre tickets for an outdoor production of "Too True to be Good" by George Bernard Shaw,  performed at Shaw's Corner, home of the man himself for 44 years.

As this was a first for me, it was also something to be added to my sixty by sixty list... I have threatened that once I reach sixty on my list I shall start a 100 x 100! The play itself, which I was not at all familiar with before the evening, was a little strange,reflecting Shaw's strong political views but it was well acted and entertaining, with the house as a backdrop and the terrace as the stage. 

We brought along a picnic of good bread, cheese, olives and hummous plus a bottle of prosecco and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Even the rain didn't come on until we were on our way home.

By Saturday morning the rain had cleared and we set out for yet another sixty x sixty adventure recommended by Paula a regular reader of my blog. We booked a tower tour of Peterborough Cathedral.

I confess, despite not being all that far from Peterborough I had never visited the Cathedral before this week... and it is magnificent.

The tour involved climbing 200 steps up via narrow spiral staircases, allowing access to parts of the cathedral not usually open to the public.We had close up views of  the stunning stained glass and amazing architecture.

It was wonderful to have such views of the cathedral and we were in awe of the skills that were involved in the building of such an colossal building.

And the views from the roof, the highest point in the city, were spectacular.

We were also fortunate to see a fabulous exhibition of quilts, Threads Through Revelation, that is touring British cathedrals, made by artist Jacqui Parkinson in response to the Book of Revelations.

Yet again we were lucky with the weather as the rain only set in for the day on or way home. On Sunday it was time to celebrate an engagement. An enjoyable afternoon, with lots of good food, meeting lots of lovely, interesting young people. And the rain held off once again!

After a day baking on Monday I then headed out to London on Tuesday with friends Jude and Isobel, to visit the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries.

As always with Grayson Perry, it didn't fail to entertain, the man is such fabulous astute observer of life today, serious observations executed with a large dose of tongue in cheek. I'm sure his work will provide a wonderful social history in years to come.

I really liked this little shrine with models of himself and his wife, but best of all I loved the glimpse into his sketchbooks. What a treat!

. There then followed a two day overnight trip to Hastings with my Mum for a family funeral, an evening out working, and then James and Elizabeth staying for a couple of nights before they head off for a month in Panama. Mostly it has been a good week and even the funeral was a chance to catch up with family members not seen for a while but I am tired! I have finished the week with a fabulous day out painting acrylic abstracts, another birthday present, this time from my Mum, but I think that can be another blog post all of its own... mostly because I'm too exhausted to write anymore!

Friday, 21 July 2017

A Miniature Art Challenge

My blog will be ten years old on Sunday. If you had asked me ten years ago would I still be doing this now I think I would have considered it to be unlikely but I have come a long way since that first post. In the early days it was a way for me to document my art. It was largely visual with few words, although I hadn't worked out how to add a photo to that first one. Those ten years have seen many changes... there has been less art in recent years and more about food and family life, although to be fair there has alway been cake right from the early days. It is still very visual because I find it hard to blog without photographs but there seem to be more words of late, which may be why it has also become less frequent. It takes longer to write each post and think about what to say, not to mention the editing out all the typos and spelling mistakes. To be honest, I can't see me finding time to write two or three times a week like I once did, I can feel a shift back towards more art though.

I recently met with my friend Catherina where we had lunch and a wander around some galleries and shops. We spotted these tiny little canvases in an art supplies shop and a spark of an idea was sown. We each bought a canvas with the intention to decorate it exactly how we wished before swapping our finished canvases with each other. I love a challenge to get me motivated!

After priming my canvas with gesso I immediately got to work with my acrylic paints to make a miniature portrait of Frida Khalo reviving an old interest in this enigmatic artist. I struggled with the likeness but it is interesting that now, by looking at the photograph I can see where I was going wrong (the mouth!)

Rather than paint in the final details I added some 3D jewels and flowers. I wanted to use those little ribbon roses you can buy but couldn't find them anywhere. I know I have some stashed away somewhere in the house! I had to make do with paper ones which were a little big but overall I was quite pleased with the effect, especially considering the whole thing was only about the size of a matchbox.

I popped it in the post to Catherina and the very next day I received Catherina's artwork in return... a beautiful little handstitched piece to celebrate my birthday. 

And this little challenge combined with my inspiring day out has kick started me into working in my sketchbooks again, which in turn is already starting to spark ideas for new work. I'd say watch this space but you just might have a long wait... but who knows!

Have a good weekend... we've got a busy one so not much time for painting, but then what's new!