Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Day nine :: Funny faces

The cards are still to be written, cake and puddings to be made, lists composed, the few presents that have been bought remain in carrier bags and the decorations are still lingering in the loft but today I've been stitching....

Yes... More cats! I still had another four cut out so despite not selling any on Saturday I thought that I might as well finish off the ones in progress. So I've had a bit of fun playing around with their facial expressions. I'm taking part in a mini market at a local school on Thursday so hoping they might appeal there. You never know!

Thank you for the well wishes yesterday... A temporary blip it would seem helped by a good nights sleep. And for those who were wondering, I've done this post again on my iPad and have managed to put in the photo taken today on my iPad too. I downloaded a blogger app which has made writing the post and putting in the photo really easy, although the format is completely unfamiliar and I haven't a clue how to position things or add links etc. so it could all go horribly wrong yet!


  1. Glad you're feeling chirpier today Gina!!
    Still love the cats. :)
    V x

  2. The Blog looks good as do the cats. I love their expressions. Glad to hear your felling more upbeat.

  3. Good to hear you're feeling better. Similarly behind in Christmas prep here. Now where did I put that magic wand?

  4. Sorry, meant to say I love those cats!

  5. So glad you've got your mojo back. I look forward to all your advent posts and would miss them. It's great to be reminded that others are as distracted at this time of year too. Hope Jake is doing OK

  6. I hope that the cats will be a hit with the younger crowd! xx

  7. Well, I can't understand why they didn't sell, they are lovely! x

  8. Oh, I missed your previous post, Gina but these cats are flipping adorable!

    'Tis an exciting but very stressful time of year. One little step at the time and it's so good to do something you enjoy.

    Warmest wishes,


  9. Love the different faces :) which app are you using btw? Seems to work v well. Also not made cake or pudding, but haven't done any shopping either. Feeling strangely relaxed about it...

  10. Your technical prowess is admirable. I can just about cope with my laptop. The cats should go down well at the school. Hope you find good homes for them all. There is still plenty of time to get all those preparations done for Christmas.

  11. Gina, I was myself doing a bit of running out of steam (and having some internet connection problems, too) yesterday, so I was glad to see this kitty post today and get the sense that having some rest has done you good.

    Yes, I bet that the kitties are going to be popular at the school's mini market. I do like their expressions!

    My own internet server problems were corrected this morning by a visit from two, yes two tech reps, who swapped out a less than fabulous modem for one that seems to be operating a great speed.

    I'm now sorry that I didn't ask you more about ipad advantages when we met. This is yet another reminder of how glad I am to have met you in person, and how much I look forward to seeing you again. (Maybe by then I'll have a smart phone.)


  12. Gina - I write some blog posts via my Blog app on the iPad, but I can't put in links or get photos in the right place, so I usually then edit on the lapto.

    One thing I do find useful, is the dictation thingy. So I often dictate the post into the app. That works quite well. But there must be other tricks.

    Having said all that I'm woefully behind with my blog posts!


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