Thursday, 15 November 2007

Bon Voyage

Well here they are... Joe, Jack and Nick... oh and Claude... at Heathrow at 8.00 am this morning en route to San Paulo. Have to say it was really hard to say goodbye knowing I won't see Joe until next August but I was very brave until I got in the car... then I drove home through a mist of tears. Makes the M25 quite interesting!

One day they are babies... (he'll thank me for this!)

... then they are all grown up and travelling around the world on their own. I'll miss you Joe... but I won't miss being woken up at 3 am! Which funnily enough they do when they are babies and then again when they are 18! I'm sure they are going to have a fantastic time... in fact they are due to be taking off as I type! Bon Voyage!
As a distraction I stopped off at Art Van Go on the way home (well, I was passing) intending to buy some paint. I did buy paint but also picked up some reading matter... like I haven't got enough to do!

At least this will keep my mind off the empty room upstairs. (empty that is apart from all the junk on the floor...)


  1. I think you are being very brave Gina - a really good mum. And I love the look of your distraction!!!! Lucy x

  2. Mr Sock says nine months will fly by - he thinks it should give you just enough time to get the bottom of the debris on the bedroom floor.

  3. At least he is not on his own!
    Friend of mines daughter went off in October for her gap year by herself..
    Working tomorrow - time to catch up on new goodies in the shop.

  4. Hi Gina, as my Mum used to say 'You never cut the apron strings, they just stretch!'. I think you are a great Mum for supporting him as he sets off on his big adventure and with Claude he'll have a bit of you with him too.

  5. Did you say empty room? Surely an opportunity for more studio space!!! once you find the floor of course! LOL Art Van Go? Now there's a consolation. Enjoy your new books and mags. Claude looks a bit apprehensive about flying for the first time. :)

  6. He'll probably still wake you up at 3am, as he'll forget what time it is in the UK when he phones from Sao Paolo, LOL...


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