Monday, 3 December 2007

Eight Happy Thoughts

The mince pies got made on Friday night and the wine was mulling nicely on Saturday morning, which was just as well as there was a steady stream of visitors all day on Saturday. Every year I dither about wondering whether I should have a Christmas Open Studio or not but I'm always pleased that I do and this year was no exception. I sold lots of small bits and pieces - tree decorations, brooches etc.

But I also sold this landscape picture, which really made it worth while being "open"

And of course the odd sock creature or two... including Mr Smartypants, pictured here. Sunday was a lot quieter with only three visitors all day but I sold a second picture (which I didn't photograph) so I'm a happy bunny!

Talking happy... last week I was tagged by Celia of Purplepoddedpeas to list eight happy thoughts. I'm not sure whether it should be eight things that generally make me happy or eight things today that have made me happy so I've done a mixture. Here they are:

1. Today Cedric Splatt and Sally Splatt went to the post office and are on their way to their new homes which makes me happy - especially as it means two things crossed off my ever growing list of things to do!

2. The sun was shining today... although 15 minutes later the rain was coming down in sheets and it was VERY cold!!!

3. My dog is always really pleased to see me no matter how grumpy I am.

4. Reading your blogs makes me happy!

5. Despite this very cold December day there was a single passion flower blooming on my patio.

6. I've done lots of painting today for my degree and I am almost at the end of my first module.

7. Stewart has come home from work and has lit a lovely log fire so we can snuggle up and keep warm this evening.

8. Although I swear about technology at times I'm very grateful that it instantly lets me see pictures of Joe from half way around the world! So here are a couple more... Jack and Joe by the Ocean...

...And Joe and Nick in the jungle.

The rules of the tag are that I'm suppossed to tag another eight people but as everyone is so busy I thought I would leave it up to you... if you would like to take part, consider yourself tagged!


  1. Gina, no wonder the landscape sold, it is beautiful! I think I see some knitted texture in there too - what a good idea. So glad your Open Studio was a success. Thanks for your comment on my watercolour. Your comments don't reach my email box anymore as I accidentally "spammed" a no-reply blogger comment and now they all get bounced. Duh!

  2. That's it then - I'll be staying in all day tomorrow in a state of fevered anticipation!!!!

    Well done on your successful weekend and the landscape that you sold is beautiful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your "Happy" list!

    I'm so pleased your Christmas Open Studio was a success - the number of visitors and the things that sell are so unpredictable. Some pieces wait for just the right person.

    I'm shattered after the Saffron Walden Art & Craft Fair on Saturday - mainly because we couldn't park near the Town Hall and had to carry all the stuff from the car park! But I met some lovely people - makers and visitors and we all had a successful time. And I was steward at Gallery 12A on Sunday and enjoyed seeing some of your beautiful textiles there.

    best wishes

  4. Glad the weekend went well and lovely to see more photos from afar! Lucy x


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