Monday, 26 November 2007


I feel like I've not blogged for ages (only actually five days but it feels like ages) but I'm ridiculously busy. I've a Christmas Open Studio next weekend, the November meeting of Zigzag on Wednesday, several commissions to get finished (by Christmas... how many weeks... ONLY 4!!!!), my first Opus module to finish by 21st Dec... and that's just the things I can remember! And have I started my Christmas shopping? No, don't be silly! Stewart did say yesterday he might make the Christmas cake... which will be interesting because this man, although nifty with an iron, does NOT cook!

Anyway, thought I'd better replenish stock before the Open weekend and have made a start on some more sock creatures... here's Archie... who is actually quite sparkly with a bit of a lurex stripe.

I have also done some preparation for Zigzag - we're looking at stitching with metals this week so I've made the following sample....

... which has been unashamedly copied from inspired by this lovely book that I bought from Art Van Go last week. I haven't time to be original at the moment!

Of course, what else do I do when I'm so busy that I don't know where to start... I spend Sunday morning baking. And these are the results... a dozen blueberry muffins

and some scrumptious ginger cake (Delia recipe)... I really am the master of procrastination! They got to the cake before I got my camera out! (and before the icing had set)

News from Brazil this week... Joe and friends have been staying on "some island" (his words not mine), they've been lost in the jungle, hired a jeep to go and find a waterfall, eaten strange things in restarants because no-one speaks English and they don't speak Portuguese but over all seem to be having a brilliant time. No photos yet though.


  1. Hi Gina - I just wish I could procrastinate as productively as you!!! Looks yummy!

    Lucy x

  2. I'm a dreadful procrastinator - or rather I'm a really good procrastinator!!! When I have lots I have to do I'd rather mess about with anything but. Which reminds me, I really do have to make two cushions tomorrow, and some stock for my next stall and my Christmas presents and some more chutney. Will most likely weld myself to the sofa crocheting again - ho hum...
    love Lesley xx

  3. If I am reading your blog, creating a Google account so that I can make this comment, when I still have two samples to make for Zig Zag tomorrow, can this be procrastination

  4. The metal stitching looks wonderful! I shall have to look into this book - but I'll haveto let my plastic recover a bit first, not to mention my DH! *lol*
    Good luck with your Open Studio weekend. x


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