Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sock sales!

The Art and Craft Fair in Reach on Saturday went really well... a steady stream of visitors willing to part with their cash! As a result I sold 11 of my sock creatures, which I could scarcely believe. These were the last two that I finished off on Friday evening... Humphrey and Abe. Abe was sold and was last seen flying through the air outside the Reach Village Hall, having been launched by his new young owner... no wonder his eyes look like that! Despite lots of interest Humphrey is still with me.

One of the first visitors to the fair was Angela, who has been to some of my classes in the past and frequently comments on my blog and she handed me this lovely parcel...

Inside which were all these fabulous goodies... feathers, buttons, beads and a gorgeous ATC.

The ATC is beautiful and has a message, partly in mirror writing, that says "Stitch Therapy" to remind me when I have stressful weeks like the last one that stitching is a therapy... so true. Thank you Angela it is lovely... and I'm especially honoured as this is the first ATC Angela has ever made.

Almost forgot, but the parcel also contained this special Tea bag which reads :

"I cannot sit and chat with you

The way I'd like to do

So brew yourself a cup of tea,

I'll think of you - you think of me"

I can't put that in a cup of hot water... far too special. Thank you again Angela.

At the fair I bought some lovely cards and other bits and pieces from another stallholder, Celia Hart (forgot to take a photograph of my purchases) whose work you can see on her blog "Purple Podded Peas". Do take a look... she makes beautiful prints.

I've been spending yesterday and today catching up with the degree which has included parcelling up work to send to my tutor. I finally put the stitched portraits that I made ages ago into a book. At the time I blogged about them and said I intended to make a book but did nothing about it... nothing like a deadline to spur me into action! And this is the result.

I can see this as a theme I will return to, perhaps on a larger scale... but for now I'm back to a project called "Metamorphosis".

Day out in London tomorrow so back on Thursday with a full report!


  1. Hi Gina

    Visits to my blog via yours have been detected!!!!
    isn't technology clever?!

    Good to meet you on Saturday and pleased you had a successful day. I saw a parade of sock creatures pass my stall! Your little bound books are beautifully made - I must go on a special adventure soon so I can use the one I bought as a travel journal.

    Good luck with your Open Studio day on 1st and 2nd Dec. Sorry I can't come along - Saffron Walden Craft Fair on Saturday and stewarding the Open Studios Gallery 12A in Fulbourn on Sunday.

    Best wishes

  2. Your stitch drawings look even more effective now they are in a book. Isn't Angela's ATC great! I like the idea of mirror writing. Hope you have a good day out in London.

  3. Hello Gina
    I like the little books you have made with your drawings.They look like mini photo albums.Enjoy your day in London.I look forward to hearing all about it.

  4. I love Humphrey and am amazed he didn't sell - his cheeky face is fab! Lucy x

  5. Congrats on your sales :) Did you sell the pendant you showed a few days ago? If not, would you like to?


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