Thursday, 1 November 2007

Settling in nicely....

I'd like to introduce...
Trinny and Suzannah...

Gilbert and George...

Porgy and .... ooops!
Bess was still have stuffing inserted at the time of the photoshoot!

The Charity Christmas fair went well last night and several of the Silly Sock Creatures are now settling in very nicely in their new homes... which means I've got just over two weeks to replenish stocks before the next fair which will be in Reach, Cambridgeshire on Saturday 17th November... I'll post more information about that soon for those of you within travelling distance.
I've also been working on some more Dotee Dolls and these are my Dotee Angels which might make their way into some Christmas parcels if I find time to make more!


  1. What wonderful creatures. They are so bright and colourful, the names are fantastic Trinny and Suzannah very apt.

  2. Lol, Trinny and Suzannah that made me laugh, love them!

  3. Ha ha ha - Trinny and Suzannah are fab. I've got to get cracking on the sewing too as I've put my name down for Christmas Fairs at both of my children's schools.
    I hope you sell loads and loads :o)

    PS - the Bats Blood soup went down a treat!!

  4. Those sock creatures are brilliant - great names too! But the dotee angels have to be my favourite now that my own little dotee doll has arrived! Lucy x

  5. wonderful dotee angels! I think I must do some for myselve!

  6. You have been busy! Your sock creatures are wonderful, and very funny too. Sounds like you are going to be even busier with the next fair coming up. I am busily working on dotee dolls too! Your angels are lovely!

  7. Love the sock creatures (workshop maybe) Also don't normally like dolls but love the dotee's.

  8. Hi Gina

    Just to let you know you won my blog draw!!!
    email me your details girlie and I'll send you the goodies,

    Lesley xxxx

  9. Oh Gina! I LOVE your sock creatures. So excited about our trade! Their lips make me laugh out loud! He hee...I laughed out loudtoo at the ones names Trinny and Susannah. Maybe they will tell their new owners WHAT to wear he heeee..

    And I adore your Dotee doll angels (am squealing with delight over here in Australia). Could we do a swap for one of these? I would more than happily make you a Dotee doll in exchange for one.

    Am loving visiting your blog. It always brings a smile to my face

    Dot xx

  10. I love Gilbert and George in particularly, and am very taken with your Dotee angels. The more I see Dotee dolls, the more I am tempted to have a go myself - like I need another obsession!

  11. I adore the trinny and suzanna.
    SUzie sews

  12. Those angels are just the sweetest!


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