Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Introducing Claude

With the craft fair on Saturday rapidly approaching there has been some frantic activity to replenish stock going on in this house over the past couple of evenings... introducing the newest members of the sock family... Russell and Ramone.

And Emile, Henri and Claude. These three are smaller than the others being made from baby socks, because one of them is going to have to fit in a rucksack for the next ten months....

Following Angela's excellent suggestion, Joe is going to be taking a sock creature on his travels and has chosen Claude. He's looking a bit anxious... worried that Joe might make him do something scarey like bungy jumping... (never mind that Mum might be worried about Joe doing something scarey like bungy jumping... just tell me after the event... okay?)

To get him used to going out, Joe and I took him out for lunch today... he quite likes cider!

But is not so sure about the sprouts... "please don't make me eat them all."

Tomorrow Joe and Claude are off to Brazil. We expect to see lots of photos of your adventures ... but no looking at the girls on the beach Claude!
P.S. Thank you for your kind and concerned comments after the last post... as you can see... normal insanity has been restored!


  1. Love the sock puppets Gina.I hope Joe doesn't forget Claudes passport,I would'nt want him to be turned away before the adventures start.
    I am hoping to come and see you on Saturday.

  2. Bon Voyage Claude. Great sock puppets Gina. Hope the craft fair goes well.

  3. Hope Joe and Claude have a fantastic trip and send lots of photos and postcards!!! Lucy x

  4. Happy travels Joe and Claude. Happy craft fair Mum. x

  5. I am sure that Claude will have a big adventure with Joe. And will enjpy his travels! You have such a lovely sense of humour. The photos of Claude drinking and sitting near a meal made me laugh out loud!


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