Thursday, 8 November 2007

More Surprises!

The postman brought more lovely goodies today. This beautiful Dotee Angel arrived from Julie. We are doing an angel swap but I've not sent mine yet... it is on its way Julie... I promise! She is gorgeous and will be out all year not just for Christmas.

And she didn't arrive alone... Julie also sent some blue silk (wonderful colour!) and some lovely lace and the whole lot was wrapped in some very pretty tissue. Every last scrap will be put to good use so thank you Julie... I'm feeling very lucky this week.

Another parcel arrived today... This mug from the Fibre and Stitch team... which reminds me... Issue 2 is out very soon containing an article by... ME! (I am very excited by that!) Don't forget to check it out if you don't already subsribe. Lots of lovely articles and information.

One of the reasons I've been so busy this week is that I've been finishing off a doll for the second part of the "Diva Doll" class I'm teaching in Baldock on Saturday. Regular blog readers may recall seeing her in an incomplete state... so proof that I do sometimes finish things (see... another surprise!) She is based on the poem " A Warning" by Jenny Joseph. So let me introduce... Granny Annie... "wearing purple with a red hat which doesn't go". I'll post pictures of the students' dolls next week.

Also I've got another craft fair in just over a week in Reach, Cambridgeshire, so busy trying to replenish stock for that - lots more sock creatures! Details are on the poster below. I think this will be quite a good fair if you are anywhere near the vicinity. Plus of course, Cambridge is very close by, which is always worth a visit.

As if this wasn't enough, I'm trying to keep abreast of the Opus work (still doing lots of drawing) and this Sunday we're having a big family dinner. Joe (son no.3) is off travelling for ten months as part of his gap year and he leaves next Thursday so as he will be away for Christmas we are having Christmas dinner a bit early. Thought that might let me off the hook on December 25th but somehow I don't think I'll get away with that one. So on Sunday there will be the six of us, Stewart's son James, my Mum and Dad, my brother and sister in law... and their puppy! Complete with roast turkey and all the trimmings, christmas crackers and of course... my new dotee angel!


  1. Congratulations on the article Gina! And lovely goodies. Lucy x

  2. Granny Annie is too much fun! Just love her. Glad you like the mug :)

  3. Congratulations! I see you are very busy!

  4. Looking forward to the article in F&S. Granny Annie is superb! I love her face!

  5. Granny Annie is fab! That poem was a favourite of my Mum's who longed to act more shocking as she got older. Congratulations on the article too - I thought I was busy but phew! I need a lie down after hearing about all you're doing!!
    Good luck xxx


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