Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A day in London

Today I've been in London to meet up with my friend Jude (of Mr Sock Fame). We went to the V & A Museum where we saw this fabulous exhibition of the most amazing dresses and gowns from people like Dior and Balenciaga... Stunning! Dresses from the days when ladies wore glamourous frocks... and hideous corsets!

Jude and I are veterans of these V & A special exhibitions and there is nothing we love more than the themed shop that you have to walk through before you can exit and we usually never leave without at least one or two tacky purchases. But today we were both very restrained and I left with only a couple of packs of sequins and a set of postcards. You should have seen us after the Versace exhibition... we were laden with bling!

We then ventured over the road for a fabulous lunch at Carluccio's were we had a tasty mushroom risotto and a glass of chilled pink wine. Then it was back to the V & A to see this exhibition: "Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft" which was brilliant. There were some really interesting and wacky things on display... well worth a visit. I especially liked the work of Anne Wilson. I was also amused by this quote from Catherine Bertola (You'll like this one Lesley): "I use dust as a mechanism for story telling - dust is often described as being the matter of history, a residue or fragment that enables you to reflect on the past." I KNEW there was a reason for not dusting!!!!

Then it was back home to walk the dog in the dark (NOT fun). Consolation when I got in... there were still some date and oatmeal cookies left from yesterday to have with my cuppa... no, I didn't eat them all... only one!

... a lovely day. Thank you Jude... hope Mr Sock didn't miss you too much!


  1. Yippee! Official recognition for dust! I will never move my history again! lol Pink wine - very sophisticated. Sounds as though you had a great day out Gina. :)

  2. Ha ha ha - I may have to embroider that quote on something - maybe a pinny!!! Oh, the irony ;)

    The exhibitions sound great and I do like your pretty sequins.
    love Lesleyxxx

  3. Mr Sock coped admirably, but has been admiring a calendar; he is amazed that there are other sock species out there and is looking forward to meeting more in the future. As I expect your blogging public are too! (Bring on the Sockipede and the Socktopus)


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