Saturday, 10 November 2007

Diva Dolls

I'm not long back from the second day of the Diva Doll class and as promised here are some of the students' dolls in progress. This colourful chap has been a weight lifter, an old fashioned swimmer and finally (we think) a trapeze artist as the day has progressed and various bits have been added! I think he is fabulous!

This is Stephanie's witch, looking more glamourous by the minute! She has got arms and legs but they are not attached yet!

And these are some more heads that Stephanie made since the first class... wonderful faces!

These three are a selection from the others... all quite unique with their own personalities. All the students have promised to send me photos of the finished dolls so I'm looking forward to seeing them completed.

Finally this is the doll I started at the last class... my "African Queen". I had hoped to get her finished today but I was having a lot of problems with the coffee coloured fabric fraying quite badly which was causing the seams to split when I stuffed the limbs... as you can imagine it was very frustrating and the the air was quite blue! Here she is minus limbs. I've now got to think how I might finish her using a different fabric as she was going to be bare limbed with lots of beading. Though when I'll find time for that I don't know... don't hold your breath!

As for now... I've got a Christmas dinner to start preparing. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Happy Christmas!!! Hope your family dinner goes really well. Beautiful dolls and so fascinating how different they all are. I love your African Queen xxx

  2. Lovely dolls and your African Queen is beautiful. I love her hair. Enjoy your family Christmas!

  3. I agree with Julie the dolls are beautiful. It looks as though you have all worked very hard.It is nice to see their carachters develop.Please show us the finished dolls.
    Merry Xmas to you and yours.

  4. These dolls are so wonderful. It's surprising how they take on their own personality even before being completed.


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