Wednesday, 7 November 2007


It's been a crazy few days with no time for blogging or much else but after another long day in London yesterday I came home to find the postman had delivered a parcel... always cause for great excitment but especially as I knew this was from Lesley. I recently won the draw for her 50th post on Lesley's blog.

Inside was this fabulous bag, which I knew I was getting... but I didn't expect all the other wonderful surprises and goodies....

This is the lining of the bag... a brilliant Rupert Bear print. That took me back a few years I tell you. My brother used to have Rupert Bear Annuals.

Then there were all sorts of other fab things... some crochet trims, a fabric corsage, a needle felted pumpkin and some sweeties... all will be put to very good use...

... but best of all, this amazing crocheted apron... who would have made such a thing.... and WHY??? So here I am donned out in my lacy pinny about to do the dusting (if you believe that you'll believe anything!) Bet you're impressed that my feather duster matches the apron... so am I as I haven't a clue where that came from!! Sorry about the quality of the photo but it's not easy taking pictures while you're dusting... especially when you are as inexperienced at the activity as me! Thank you Lesley... you made my day. Stewart's comment was... " Are all the people who write these blogs as barmy as you?"... mmmmm... yes!

Nothing much else new here except these pin cushions. Julie posted a picture of one she had made recently (you can find a tutorial here) and inspired by the cherry buns in my last post I couldn't resist some cherry bun pin cushions. Small problem... they are made from bottle tops and we are very much a family of tea, water (from the tap) and wine drinkers so I didn't have any bottle tops. But you will be amazed how many plastic bottles are dumped by the side of the road. The family have finally despaired of me this week as I've stopped and collected all the discarded bottles in the area... including some rummaged from the recycling bins... no wonder they think I'm barmy!


  1. Oh I love your cherry bun pin cushions. Bloggers aren't barmy are we??? maybe just a bit eccentric.

  2. Lets set the record straight bloggers aren't barmy it's the rest of the world! What a lovely parcel you could eat the goodies when you have a tea break from the dusting.The pumpkin is exquisite.

  3. Wonderful goodies Gina. As Angela said it's just the rest of the world that barmy, tell Stewart.

    I love your cherry bun pin cushions. I always have plenty of fairly large plastic bottle tops from my Skimmed milk bottles.

  4. What do they mean, barmy? No, we're the normal ones - or at least that's what the voices in my head keep telling me!
    Hey, the pinny really works! Are you sure you didn't rush out to buy the matching very pretty feather duster?
    I think you deserve a lie down after all that dusting ;)

  5. OMG how clever are you?!!!! Edible pincushions! *LOL* I have been known to pick up bits of rusty metal and interesting pieces of paper in the street. It's good to be barmy. I gave up being sane a long time ago!

  6. Wonderful goodies in the mail. Love your pincushions.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice comment on the felt artwork.


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