Tuesday, 27 November 2007

It seems like yesterday

I've had another lovely day in London today, despite the grey drizzly weather, meeting an old friend (Not old like that... she's the same age as me!) Hilary and I were at University together almost 30 years ago (okay... so maybe we are old!) Here we are on our graduation day - 6th July 1978 - I remember because it was also my 21st birthday. Sorry about the fuzzy picture - a pre digital Kodak instamatic I believe!

Later that summer we spent time together at Hilary's home on the south coast of England before she jetted off to Los Angeles to to do a post graduate course. It was the sort of summer that we all remember - long and hot with the lightness of heart that comes with being young and carefree.

Yes... this is actually England!

And this was our friend Clive... wonder where he is now?

Hilary stayed in LA where she met her husband and has raised her family, but we've always stayed in touch and have managed occasional visits over the years as well as phone calls, emails and the usual Christmas cards. So it was wonderful to meet up for lunch today while she's in London on business. We think it must be at least 14 years since we last actually met but if felt like yesterday. And that wondeful summer of ' 78... that feels like yesterday too. We both agreed we feel the same age in our heads... and of course... we haven't changed a bit!

Just in case you thought I was making a habit of this and turning into "A Lady who Lunches" I did a bit of artistic research too and saw the Louise Bourgeois exhibition at the Tate Modern. I found much of it very disturbing but quite thought provoking too. This is her fabulous Spider sculpture outside... for someone who hates spiders as much as me this was very scarey!

Better go now... more preparation and packing up for Zigzag tomorrow. I expect there will be lots of lovely photos to share (note to self... remember to pack camera!)


  1. Shudder!! Spiders! Ugh! I remember those long hot summer days.You're right about not feeling any different!

  2. now where was I in the 1970s? I remember, on the bike of a motorbike just as I am now :) feel just the same inside but tend to creak more. Sounds like you had a grat time and I love the spider.

  3. ugh! I didn't think I hated spiders but that sculpture makes my skin crawl - i certainly couldn't happily walk underneath it!

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog btw - made me feel alot better about them.


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