Thursday, 29 November 2007

Zigzag... and the adventures of Claude!

We had a lovely day at Zigzag yesterday looking at stitching with metals which has completed our theme of "Rust and Gold." The photo above is a postcard size sample using silver metal threads from Joan, which should appear further down but blogger won't let me move it! The challenge set from last month was "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" - to create a sample to incorporate the theme of diamonds in any way we liked. There was a wonderful variety from postcard and ATC size to three dimensional objects, most also incorporating the theme of rusted fabrics and metal thread embroidery. The following are a selection from the Diamond challenge:

There were also some fabulous metal thread and rust samples. The amazing casket below was actually the final assessment piece for Lynda's City and Guilds Certificate, for which I've now signed her off so she has completed! Well done Lynda! But it also fitted in perfectly with our theme.

And just look at this amazing rust and metal thread pumpkin below, from Judith.

And some lovely ATCs from Joan.

Lesley also brought in her beautiful handmade book with a rusty cover which you can read more about on her blog, Blue is my Favourite Colour.

And last but not least Joan has made this fabulous book full of rust inspired samples. The creative talent of all these ladies - Joan, Judith, Lynda, Lesley, Sandy, Bernice, Lynn, Ann and Pat is amazing and it is a pleasure to work with you all... I just hope some of it rubs off on me! I apologize for any pictures I left out but some photos weren't very good... operator error!!

And now pictures from Brazil... I'm sure you will all be delighted to read that Claude is enjoying his time in Brazil and has made a new friend... Toni. Looks like love at first sight... either that or he is sizing up the opposition?

No, it must be love... here they are climbing trees together in the jungle (this must be the day they got lost!)

Joe and Jack getting wet... they obviously found the waterfall!

And Joe getting into Brazilian Carnival mode... nice hat!

Well, I'm procrastinating again... long list of things I want to finish today instead of which I'm blogging. What's new!


  1. What beautiful pieces - all of them. I love the pumpkin - so clever.
    Brazil looks like fun and how great that you get to see photos as it's happening. That's why I love technology!

  2. What lovely work you have all produced.It's nice to see Joe and Claude are enjoying Brazil.

  3. Well it's 10.40 already and I have to go out at 1 and haven't done a stitch yet as I am also procrastinating as much as possible! Love the photos from Brazil!

  4. Hey Gina!

    Gosh - loads of gorgeous things on here today!!!!!

    I'm tagging you to list your eight happy thoughts! please visit my blog for the rules

    but don't feel pressured to take part - your blog is a treasure-trove of happy thoughts already!


  5. Your ladies are so talented! The books and pumpkin are amazing but all the work is beautiful. Claude and the boys look as tho they are having fun! Three cheers for technology!


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