Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Christmas... and Mr Sock's vacation!

For one reason or another yesterday was not a great day for me... family tensions, tiredness, emotion at Joe's imminent departure and huge problems with Jacob giving me a hard time regarding school but thought I would share our early Christmas which for the most part was an enjoyable and lovely day....

Here are Joe and my stepson James at dinner, getting into the spirit by wearing their cracker hats. In keeping with the occasion, as the family went home our friends arrived and we spent the evening playing Pictionary which has become a bit of a Christmas tradition in our house. This is Sam, Joe and our friend Kirsty.

The winning team... Ben, Jacob and Kirsty's Mum Patsy.

And finally the two I had on my team... Ally and Stewart... both looking like they've had (at least) one too many!! Think I was at a serious disadvantage here!

I think the centre of attraction though was definitely the newest member of the family, my brother and sister-in-law's new puppy, Gemma. Here she is stealing Barley's ball. Not sure he is very impressed!

She finally flaked out. I can't believe Barley used to be that tiny and cute... he seems huge by comparision.

I'm not one to stay low for long and the following pictures arrived last night which definitely brought a smile back to my face. A brief explanation...
Last year I met my friend Jude at the Knitting and stitching show at the NEC. Whilst wandering around Jude spotted a book called "Stupid Sock Creatures" which caused us both to completely crack up with laughter. So for her birthday last November I made her "Mr Sock"... which was my first ever sock creature and the inspiration for my recent sock creatures. Mr Sock has been following my blog and noting his various family members that have been appearing and as a result has decided to go public! So here are his holiday snaps from his recent vacation to Lanzarote... (photos and captions courtesy of Jude and Steve)

"Mr Sock covers up" (swimwear Mr Sock's own)

"Mr Sock, Poolside"

"Mr Sock Au Naturel"

"Mr Sock gets down and dirty with the swimming pool hose... "

On that note, I think it's time to finish... be back soon!


  1. Hello Gina i'm glad you had a Happy Christmas.Have you given Joe a sock creature to take on his travels?. Perhaps they could send postcards on their way!.

  2. If it is any consolation I had more contact with my daughter during her gap year abroad than I did when she went off to university. I love Angela's idea of Joe taking a sock creature on his travels. Wonder what Joe will think of that?

  3. Great post Gina! I'm glad the smile's back. Keep hold of it. :)
    Oh, and how gorgeous is that puppy? (Sorry, Barley, you look gorgeous too!)

  4. Hope you are okay Gina. Love the photos of Mr Sock's adventures! Lucy x

  5. You think when they grow up your troubles are over, HAHA my youngest is also going through it at the moment so of course Mum is too...
    Love the sock adventures. Keep smiling as they say you can't keep a good woman down!

  6. Thank you for your comment! Really love your sock creatures Mr. Sock certainly looks like an interesting holiday companion!

  7. He hee....love the pics of Mr Sock enjoying his holidays. The photo of him sunbaking cracked me up!


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