Monday, 29 October 2007

The winner is....

No new comments on my 50th post, so this morning I wrote Dot, Lucy, Sue, Julie, Angela, Micki and Lesley's names on bits of paper and put them in a hat....

But there was only me at home and I thought to be fair someone else should pick a name... so instead of picking a name, I did some drawing for my current Opus module which is all about light. I had to set up a group of objects, light them from different angles and then draw them in black, white and grey. I really enjoyed this and now can't wait for it to get dark so I can do some more with some really dramatic lighting. I was using chalk pastels and working on A2 paper and I've done three so far.

One of the comments I've had back from my tutor is to try to loosen up... I've always been very neat and tidy and quite controlled in my drawing (Stewart will confirm I'm a bit of a control freak!!) I hate to make a mess too, so working on a large scale and with messy media has been quite good for me... I even got really messy hands...

Oh! Nearly forgot... I'd just washed my hands when Jacob came in from school, so I got him to pick out a name....

...and the winner of the dotee doll is....

If you email me ( with your address Lucy, a parcel will be on its way!


  1. You can get lovely and messy with pastels can't you!! I keep a pack of baby wipes beside me when I use pastels/charcoal then I can at least try to keep clean.

  2. Wow! I'm impressed with the messy hands! I hate working with charcoal and pastels for that reason too. I've been a bit better about getting messy since I started playing with inks and glue.

  3. I enjoyed your tease in this post. Congratulations to Lucy!

  4. Opus really is taking you into unchartered waters. Messy hands indeed! Is that a first?!! Lesley

  5. You are obviously enjoying the work for your opus course.I get messy hands when i have been working and have'nt had time to clean up along the way ,which means i was enjoying my self.
    Congratulations to Lucy.


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