Saturday, 22 December 2012

Day Twenty Two

I was aiming for understated simplicity and elegance...
In other words... what is the least amount of time and effort I can expend on decorating the Christmas cake.

I don't mind which version you believe...I was just happy to have got it done before Christmas Eve. Must go now... wine and dancing beckon... Louis and a show dance... I can't wait!


  1. Your cake looks elegant and delicious. Enjoy your evening and Louis!

  2. Been following along, you're nearly there now. Less is definitely more when it comes to icing, this looks very classy and I'm sure it will taste delish!

  3. Beautiful understated and elegant

  4. Stunning cake! I usually go for a sort of frosty random jagged kinda look...(and as for the cake, ha ha). I haven't even made a cake this year - first cake fail in nearly 20 years!

    1. It's beautiful Gina! :)
      I went to M& S for mine, that's how simple I made it. ;)
      Oh my word what about Louis in his show dance!! I' m beyond excited that he won!
      V xxx

  5. Gina, the cake is splendid, and I know you are having fun dancing even as I type.

    Christmas celebrations aren't just baking...parties are so much fun, and let's not forget the hushed splendor of a neighborhood church service.


  6. Understated simplicity and elegance it is - but I wanted Denise to win !

  7. If I could apply icing that neatly I'd go for simple elegance every time too. As it is, my lot are getting a clementine cake, gloriously unadorned.

    And as soon as Lewis appeared sans shirt, I knew Flavia had won it for them!

  8. That is a beautiful cake Gina. I'm sure it will taste as delicious as it looks! What a great Strictly evening eh? Any one of the three could have taken it, they were so good, but I had a feeling that the glory days of the summer Olympics would roll on through the dancing and make 2012 a year to remember for all sportspeople.


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