Monday, 17 December 2012

Day Seventeen

The rest of the decorations have gone up today.
Every year I think I might do something different but once the boxes come out of the loft and all the old favourite things come out, I decorate the house the same way as I always do.

Occasionally there is a new bauble or two... and this year I seem to have lots more lights around the house. Just simple white lights in every room... but you can never have enough fairy lights! Or candles!

But mostly it looks the same as always does.
And that feels comfortable and good!


  1. It all looks lovely with a cosy warm glow. I tend to do much the same thing each year too. Every family has it's own traditions and that's as it should be.

  2. The baubles piled high in the glass dish give a lovely relaxed look to your christmas decorating, they almost look like exotic fruits begging to be eaten.

    Lovely blog.

  3. it's looking lovely Gina! :) I always buy at least one new bauble every year too.
    V xxx


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