Saturday, 15 December 2012

Day Fifteen

Joe: Are those sticky toffee cupcakes? My favourite!
Me: Not for you, I'm taking them to stitching with me tomorrow.
Joe: What! You can't take them out of the house... they won't travel well you know.
Jacob: Are those sticky toffee cupcakes for us?
Me: No, they are for my friends.
Jacob: *sigh*

Stewart: Oooh... are they sticky toffee?
Me: They are but they're not for you, I'm making them for tomorrow.
Stewart: Oh...

I haven't told them yet but I have made some extra just for them.

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes by special request from Iz for our meeting tomorrow. 


  1. You are a wise woman, I dread to think what might have happened if you hadn't made extra!

  2. They sound delightful. Please miss where can I find the recipe?

  3. They look delicious. No wonder they are so popular!

  4. I knew you wouldn't let your 'boys' down and I wish I was a member of your group!

  5. Oh to be one of your 'boys'....

  6. Ooooh, they look awesome! Do "we" have that recipe??? You're so funny -- I'm sure your menfolk will be very happy with their cupcakes!

  7. Last remaining cupcake rehomed safely courtesy of Steve. Fab!

  8. YUM!! Thank you so much - was it piggy to eat two?!


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