Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day Sixteen

I've been out all day so just a quick one today...
The tree is up and my old fairy has been re-instated.
Beautiful though she is, the new one just didn't make the grade.


  1. Christmas is all about old traditions!
    V xxx

  2. we can never replace our old fairy ( made from a toilet roll by our son in Grade 1, almost 40 years ago) alas it is unrecognizable now

  3. Very pretty, ours isn't up yet.

  4. She's "lived", that gal with her broken wing, she deserves to be at the top!

  5. Speaking as an old floozie myself, I am heartened that your old fairy has been reinstated! Long may she sit at the top of the tree.

  6. Gina, I think that your tree looks perfectly lovely and I'm glad your vintage fairy is back. (Also wish that I could have sampled one of those sticky toffee wonder you had all those requests!)


  7. Your tree looks fantastic! I almost threw my old fairy away last year because her wings broke but I've made some new ones for her so she still has some miles to go! I love your old 'floozy' one too. Maybe they could share the space? ;)
    Happy christmas Gina!
    Jess x


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